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Young Eyes on the Outer Solar System
Topic: Outer Solar System
Summary: Students and amateur astronomers in small western U.S. communities help scientists measure Kuiper Belt objects out beyond Neptune

'Super-Earths' May Have Oceans & Continents
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: A new model suggests that large exoplanets may have both oceans and exposed continents -- conditions that could lead to an Earth-like stable climate.

Beating Bacteria on Earth -- and in Space
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Already a major problem on Earth, increasingly resistant bacterial strains can be an even greater threat for space travelers. The Antibiotic Effectiveness in Space (AES-1) investigation will attempt to probe the reasons for antibiotic resistance in space.

A New Dimension to Cyanobacteria
Topic: Biosphere
Summary: Scientists have discovered that cyanobacteria continually produced vesicles full of carbon, nutrients and DNA. The tiny packages could be decoys for viruses or a means of exchanging genetic information.

Safe Havens Revealed for Biodiversity in a Changed Climate
Topic: Climate
Summary: Researchers have found a way to project future habitat locations under climate change, identifying potential safe havens for threatened biodiversity.

NEOWISE Spots its First Asteroid
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: NASA recently reactivated and renamed the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) as the NEOWISE mission. The spacecraft is now hunting for potentially hazardous near-Earth objects, and it has spotted its first asteroid.

Cygnus Arrives at Station on Orbital-1 Mission
Topic: Missions
Summary: Last Sunday, Orbital Sciences Corp. Cygnus commercial cargo craft arrived at the International Space Station on its first resupply mission.

Lichen on Mars
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Astrobiology's study of life in the universe has much to say about how humans live sustainably on Earth.

First Planet Found Around Solar Twin in Star Cluster
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers have discovered three planets orbiting stars in the cluster Messier 67. One of these new exoplanets is orbiting a star that is a rare solar twin — a star that is almost identical to the Sun in all respects.

A Decade in the Dust
Topic: Mars
Summary: NASA's twin Mars Exploration Rovers landed on Mars in January of 2004 to begin their 90-day primary mission on the red planet. Ten years later, the Opportunity rover is still returning data from the surface.

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