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Fireball Spotted Over Iowa and Minnesota
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: Witnesses described a fireball as bright as the Sun that fragmented into many parts on Thursday evening December 26th.

First Light from Gemini Planet Imager
Topic: Missions
Summary: The most advanced instrument yet for imaging extrasolar planets is now observing the stars.

Earth's Unstable Archean Crust
Topic: Geology
Summary: Earth's crust was unstable in the Archean eon and dripped down into the mantle. Model calculations indicate that the extreme density of the base of the thickened primary crust caused it to subside into Earth's mantle.

Kepler Discovers Five New Rocky Planets
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Ground-based observations that followed up on data from Kepler confirm the existence of five new rocky planets. The study also provides new insight into many other planets spotted by Kepler that are between the sizes of Earth and Neptune.

NASA and Japan Announce Launch Date for Global Precipitation Satellite
Topic: Missions
Summary: Environmental research and weather forecasting are about to get a significant technology boost as NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) prepare to launch a new satellite in February.

The Coldest Place in the World
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Using the most detailed maps of global surface temperatures on Earth, scientists have identified the coldest place on Earth. The site is a ridge in Antarctica that reaches -133.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Deep Space Network’s 50th Anniversary
Topic: Missions
Summary: Over the last 50 years, the Deep Space Network--a worldwide network of three tracking sites--has contributed to missions that have captured images from all planets in our solar system as well as cosmic phenomena from light years away.

Enormous Aquifer Found Under Greenland Ice Sheet
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists have mapped a large reservoir of liquid water beneath the snow and ice of Greenland.

NASA’s Year in Review
Topic: Missions
Summary: NASA reviews some of the amazing accomplishments made by space scientists and engineers in 2013.

Does a Planet Need Life to Create Continents?
Topic: Geology
Summary: Earth may not have possessed the continents it does now if not for life, instead becoming a planet covered nearly entirely in ocean.

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