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First Detection of a Predicted Unseen Exoplanet
Topic: New Planets
Summary: Astronomers previously predicted the presence of the planet Kepler-88 c based on its gravitational influence on other planets in the system, even though they couldn't see it. Now, new observations confirm that the planet does exist.

Using an Atmosphere to Weigh a Planet
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: A new study finds that the mass of an exoplanet can be determined solely by looking at the starlight that passes through the planet's atmosphere.

Hubble Sees Evidence of Water Vapor at Jupiter Moon
Topic: Europa
Summary: NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has observed water vapor above the frigid south polar region of Jupiter's moon Europa, providing the first strong evidence of water plumes erupting off the moon's surface.

Mapping the Demise of the Dinosaurs
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: New research shows that remnants of the impact event that brought an end to the age of dinosaurs are exposed along the edge of a giant underwater cliff in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gaia Mission Could Help Map Exoplanets
Topic: Missions
Summary: The Gaia spacecraft, scheduled for launch on December 19, could be a bonanza for discovering exoplanets.

Chinese Rover & Lander Beam Back Portraits with China’s Flag Shining on Moon’s Surface
Topic: Missions
Summary: The Chang'e-3 lunar lander has successfully sent back images from the Moon's surface.

Nearby Failed Stars May Harbor Planet
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: When studying the nearest pair of brown dwarfs to the Sun, astronomers discovered that a planet-sized object might be keeping them company.

Instrument That Studies Binary Stars May Soon Image Exoplanets
Topic: Missions
Summary: By observing individual stars in a binary system, astronomers working with a prototype instrument mounted on a ground-based telescope have shown that it could one day be used to identify planets.

Organics Preserved in Ancient Meteorite-Formed Glass
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: Scientists have found organics from Earth's swamp trapped inside glass that had been created by a meteor impact almost a million years ago.

Cassini Provides New Views of Saturn's Moon Titan
Topic: Titan
Summary: NASA's Cassini spacecraft recently flew near Saturn's moon Titan and captured new images of lakes and seas in the moon's northern hemisphere.

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