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New Models Aid the Search for Earth-like Planets
Topic: New Planets
Summary: New theoretical models could make the search for habitable planets easier.

Acid Rain, Ozone Depletion & the Permian Extinction
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study shows that massive volcanic eruptions and acidic rain could have played a role in the Great Dying - the largest mass extinction yet known in Earth's history.

Signs of Life on Dying Planets
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: If life does exist anywhere else in the universe, it may only be fleeting. Now scientists are researching how signs of life might look on dying planets.

Defying Gravity, Part 9
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Ninth on our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Sunita Williams. With seven EVAs beneath her belt, Williams is the reigning queen of spacewalks.

Evidence Found for Granite on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: A new study shows that Mars may be more geologically complex than previously believed.

Meteorite is a Piece of Ancient Martian Crust
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: A rock from the Sahara desert could actually be a 4.4 billion-year-old sample of ancient martian crust.

Mars, Not Earth, Shakes Up Some Near-Earth Asteroids
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: A new study shows how 'asteroid quakes' could alter the surface of asteroids that pass near Mars.

Amber Provides Insight into Evolution of Earth's Atmosphere
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists are gaining new insight into Earth's atmospheric composition over the past 220 million years by studying amber deposits from around the world.

A New View of Saturn and Earth
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: NASA's Cassini mission has released a spectacular new image of Saturn, it's moons, the Earth, Mars and Venus.

When Planet Earth Nearly Killed All Life
Topic: Biosphere
Summary: A new paper reveals how the worst extinction in Earth's history may have been tied to the formation of Supercontinent Pangea. The catastrophe wasn't triggered by an impact from above--unlike another well-known extinction--but by a geological process below, deep within Earth's core.

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