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A Crater as an Abode for Life
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: A new study shows how the heat generated from an asteroid impact could lead to a crater becoming a refuge for life, or even a potential birthplace for life's origin.

Blazing-Hot Exoplanet has Earth-Like Size and Mass
Topic: New Planets
Summary: New research shows that, while the planet Kepler 78b is too hot for life, it is roughly the same size as the Earth. In fact, Kepler 78b is one of the smallest exoplanets that astronomers have measured thus far.

Defying Gravity, Part 3
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: The third in our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Kathryn C. Thornton. Her first spacewalk was from the Shuttle Endeavor. In total, Thornton logged an impressive 21 hours on extra vehicular activities.

Carpenter Bees Went Extinct When the Dinosaurs Did
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Scientists have found evidence of a wide-spread bee extinction that occurred at the same time that land dinosaurs and many flowering plants on Earth were wiped out.

Just 2 Weeks in Orbit Causes Changes in Eyes
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: A new study indicates that 13 days in space could be long enough to cause changes in gene expression and eye structure. The research provides important insights into how life from Earth is affected by exposure to the environment of space.

A Rare Snapshot of a Planetary Construction Site
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Astronomers have captured a rare view of a planet-forming disk in an intermediate stage of its evolution. The findings will help revise models of how planets form.

Reading Ancient Climate from Plankton Shells
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study has shown that a daily record of climate change on Earth is recorded in ancient sea shells.

The Full Palette of Photosynthesis
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Researchers are collecting together data on photosynthetic pigments from Earth to help imagine the colors of life on other planets.

Defying Gravity, Part 2
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: The second in our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan. She was the first American woman to step outside of an orbiting spacecraft.

New Views of Titan's Land of Lakes
Topic: Titan
Summary: Cassini has returned new photographs of liquid seas and lakes near the north pole of Titan. The data provides new details about the environment of Titan.

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