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Messages from Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Summary: Data from the MESSENGER spacecraft's first six months in orbit is providing new information about the physical properties of Mercury. The results will help astrobiologists understand the diverse types of rocky planets that can exist in the Universe.

Mercury is Not Like Other Planets
Topic: Mercury
Summary: Data from MESSENGER shows that Mercury has some important differences when compared to the other terrestrial planets of the Solar System.

Extreme Space Weather Blasts Mercury's Poles
Topic: Mercury
Summary: New data shows how the solar wind sandblasts the surface of Mercury at the planet's poles.

Mercury's Surprises
Topic: Mercury
Summary: Data from MESSENGER is providing clues about the origin of Mercury and its geological history.

New Images of Mercury Just the Beginning
Topic: Mercury
Summary: NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft has returned 1500 images from orbit around Mercury. The instruments on MESSENGER are working, and the mission is now poised to help scientists understand the evolution of the small, rocky planet that lies closest to the Sun.

MESSENGER Begins Historic Orbit around Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Summary: NASA's MESSENGER probe has become the first spacecraft to enter into orbit around the planet Mercury. Studying Mercury will help astrobiologists understand the nature of small, rocky planets and the conditions that lead to habitability on such worlds.

Messenger to Enter Mercury Orbit
Topic: Mercury
Summary: NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft is preparing to become the first craft to enter orbit around Mercury. If the orbit insertion is successful, it will spend one year collecting data about our solar system's innermost planet.

Mercury Rising
Topic: Mercury
Summary: On its final flyby of Mercury, NASA's Messenger spacecraft has captured images of never before seen regions of the planet. Messenger is providing new scientific findings about the closest planet to the sun, and teaching astrobiologists about how rocky planets form and evolve.

Mercury In Sharper Focus
Topic: Mercury
Summary: NASA's Messenger spacecraft has returned fascinated observations from the tiny planet next to the sun, including the discovery of magnesium in Mercury's atmosphere. The data also shows that Mercury's geological past was much more active than scientists previously believed. The findings could help astrobiologists understand the formation and evolution of rocky planets.

Mercury Lacks Iron
Topic: Mercury
Summary: New data from Mercury has revealed that volcanism played a larger role in the planet´s past than previously thought. Additionally, the surface of Mercury has been found to be very iron deficient.

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