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Hot Topic Solar System Mercury
Mercury's Iron Snow
Topic: Mercury
Summary: Scientific evidence suggests that iron 'snow' may form deep inside of Mercury. The movement of this iron snow could be responsible for Mercury's magnetic field. The finding has implications in our understanding of the nature and evolution of planets.

Getting a Peek at Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Summary: NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft has made its first flyby of Mercury. The craft collected data that shows a diversity of geological processes on the planet, and provides a new look at the planet's magnetosphere.

Spun Up for the Flyby
Topic: Mercury
Summary: NASA is about to view one of the last unexplored terrains in the inner Solar System when the MESSENGER spacecraft flies within 125 miles of Mercury´s surface. It has been over thirty years since the planet was visited by a spacecraft, and Mercury's composition still remains a mystery for scientists.

Molten Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Summary: Scientists using a high-precision planetary radar technique have discovered that Mercury probably has a molten core. The finding is an important step in understanding how planets form and evolve.

Mercury Shower
Topic: Mercury
Summary: New computer simulations of Mercury's formation show the fate of material blasted out into space when a large proto-planet collided with a giant asteroid 4.5 billion years ago. The simulations, which track the material over several million years, shed light on why Mercury is denser than expected and show that some of the ejected material would have found its way to the Earth and Venus.

Earth Swings Messenger
Topic: Mercury
Summary: NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft, headed toward the first study of Mercury from orbit, swung by Earth today for a gravity assist that propelled it deeper into the inner solar system.

Messenger Out of the Bottle
Topic: Mercury
Summary: MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) is a scientific investigation of the planet Mercury, and the first NASA mission designed to orbit the planet closest to the Sun.

Mercury Mission Milestone
Topic: Mercury
Summary: The Mercury mission, MESSENGER, has successfully put itself on course for an Earth flyby and eventual rendezvous with the innermost planet. The probe will provide the first close-up insight into the tiny world that is permanently heated and frozen depending on which side of globe faces the Sun.

Towards Mysterious Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Summary: The MESSENGER spacecraft launched into space early this morning. It then began a long seven-year journey to Mercury, an incredibly dense world that may have withered in the heat of the sun.

Sending a Messenger to Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Summary: Visiting an inner planet like Mercury exposes a spacecraft to eleven times the solar intensity compared to Earth. But the early August launch of the MESSENGER probe will look for cometary water-ice in any shaded areas, until it eventually crashes and plants its flag.

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