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Hot Topic Deep Space Cosmic Evolution
Galaxy May Swarm with Nomad Planets
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: A new study shows that our galaxy could host 100,000 times more 'nomad planets' than stars. These wandering planets drift through space instead of orbiting a star, and could change our understanding of life's potential in the Universe.

A Galáxia Pode Fervilhar de Planetas Nômades
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Um novo estudo mostra que nossa galáxia pode abrigar 100.000 vezes mais "planetas nômades" que estrelas. Estes maravilhosos planetas derivam pelo espaço ao invés de orbitar uma estrela, e podem mudar nossa compreensão do potencial para vida no Universo.

Earth Siblings Can Be Different
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: A new study could shed light on the composition of exoplanets. By studying the abundance of elements in stars, researchers have shown that there are a wide variety of planetary systems that are unlike the Solar System. Ultimately, this could affect processes like plate tectonics on any planets they host.

Solid Buckyballs in Space
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Astronomers have discovered buckyballs in a solid form around a pair of stars called XX Ophiuchi.

Tellurium in Ancient Stars
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Researchers have detected the rare element tellurium in three ancient stars.

Gazing into the Galactic Haze
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Astronomers have discovered islands of cold gas and a mysterious haze of microwaves in our galaxy. The results include the first map of carbon monoxide to cover the entire sky.

Melting Magma to Build Planets
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Using high-powered lasers, scientists are beginning to understand the transformations that liquid magmas undergo at the pressures and temperatures that exist deep inside Earth-like planets. The study is providing new insight into the how planets form and evolve.

IBEX Glimpses Alien Interstellar Material
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: NASA's IBEX spacecraft has successfully measured neutral atoms that originate from beyond the heliosheath.

The Solar System on an Atomic Scale
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Physicists have built an accurate model of part of the Solar System inside a single atom.

Gas Ring Around Young Star Raises Questions
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Astronomers have detected a mysterious ring of carbon monoxide gas around a young star. The ring is part of the star's planet-forming disk and it lies at a distance similar to that of the Earth from the Sun.

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