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Hot Topic Exploration Missions
Deep Impact Mission Comes to an End
Topic: Missions
Summary: NASA has announced the end of operations for Deep Impact after attempts to regain contact with the spacecraft failed.

Inflatable Antennas Could Send CubeSats Farther
Topic: Missions
Summary: CubeSats are helping to make space exploration cheaper and more accessible. Now, researchers developing technology to significantly increase the communication range of these small satellites.

Spitzer Celebrates 10 Years in Space
Topic: Missions
Summary: Ten years after launch, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope is continuing its study of asteroids, stars, planets and galaxies.

New Images Reveal NASA's Asteroid Capture Mission
Topic: Missions
Summary: NASA has released new photos and video animations depicting the agency's planned mission to find, capture, redirect, and study a near-Earth asteroid.

WISE Will Awaken to Hunt for Asteroids
Topic: Missions
Summary: NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) characterized thousands of asteroids before it was put in hibernation. After returning to service in September, the spacecraft will hunt for near-Earth objects in order to identify potential hazards to Earth and targets for exploration.

Kepler's Planet-Hunting Days May Be Over, But Discoveries Are Still Expected
Topic: Missions
Summary: Following months of analysis and testing, the Kepler Space Telescope team has ended its attempts to restore the spacecraft to full working order. However, the spacecraft still could be used for other scientific research.

Choosing an Orbit for TESS
Topic: Missions
Summary: NASA engineers are fine-tuning their orbital selection for the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). From a never-before-used orbit between the Earth and the Moon, TESS will map the locations of more than 500 transiting exoplanets.

The Next Step for Astrobiology’s Roadmap
Topic: Missions
Summary: The Astrobiology Program has completed the first phase of development for the next Astrobiology Roadmap. Over 500 participants joined in webinars and discussions that will shape the future of astrobiology research at NASA. Today, experts will gather for a workshop to discuss the results of the online events.

Scouting for Not-So-Distant Worlds
Topic: Missions
Summary: A new telescope observatory -- the Next Generation Transit Survey -- will aim to study smaller planets such as ‘hot Neptunes' and ‘super-Earths' that orbit bright or nearby stars.

A Roadmap for the Future of Astrobiology
Topic: Missions
Summary: The NASA Astrobiology Program is now outlining the new 2013 Astrobiology Roadmap, which charts future directions for astrobiology research and technology development at the organization. The process has begun with a series of webinars and online discussions, and a call is out to the astrobiology community to join in the discussion.

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