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How NASA Might Revive Kepler
Topic: Missions
Summary: Scott Hubbard helped guide the Kepler mission when he served as director of NASA Ames Research Center. Here he explains how NASA might bring the planet-hunting spacecraft back online.

Kepler Mission Down But Not Yet Out
Topic: Missions
Summary: Scientists involved in NASA's Kepler mission reported today that the telescope is in "safe mode" and no longer able to make observations. While not officially "dead," this may be the end of the road for the telescope that has discovered thousands of exoplanets, many of them "Earth-sized"

The Great Exoplanet Debate, part 7: Questioning Exoplanet Missions
Topic: Missions
Summary: At a NASA conference, a panel of exoplanet scientists held a lively discussion about some of the most important issues facing the search for and understanding of planets orbiting far-distant stars. In part seven of this series, the audience asks questions and makes comments about exoplanet missions and development.

NASA's 'Tough Choices' 2014 Budget Proposal Includes Asteroid Capture
Topic: Missions
Summary: NASA has released the agency's budget proposal for 2104. In all, the agency is requesting $50 million less than in 2013. There will be no new missions to outer planets or moons, but the proposal does include funding for preliminary work on an asteroid capture mission.

A Proposta de Orçamento de 2014 “Escolhas Difíceis” da NASA Inclui a Captura de um Asteroide
Topic: Missions
Summary: A NASA divulgou a proposta de orçamento da agência para 2014. Ao todo, a agência está requisitando 50 milhões de dólares a menos que em 2013. Não haverá novas missões para outros planetas ou luas, mas a proposta inclui financiamento para um trabalho preliminar em uma missão de captura de asteroide.

NASA Selects Exoplanet Satellite for Next Explorer-Class Mission
Topic: Missions
Summary: NASA's Astrophysics Explorer Program has selected two missions for launch in 2017. One of the missions is the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, which will use an array of telescopes to search for transiting exoplanets ranging from Earth-sized to gas giants.

U.S. to Restart Plutonium Production for Deep Space Exploration
Topic: Missions
Summary: The US Department of Energy is considering to possiblility of producing Plutonium-238 for use as a power source for deep space missions.

NASA Launches Website to Design Interplanetary Missions
Topic: Missions
Summary: A group of engineers at NASA have launched a web-based tool for scientists and engineers to use when designing missions to interplanetary destinations.

Searching for Organics in a Nibble of Soil
Topic: Missions
Summary: An all-in-one chemical analysis instrument -- currently under development -- could potentially detect a single amino acid in a gram of Martian soil.

Going Home
Topic: Missions
Summary: As his mission comes to an end, Expedition 31 crew member, Don Pettit, reflects on the view of Earth and beyond from the International Space Station.

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