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Hot Topic Solar System Jupiter Europa
The Importance of Plumes
Topic: Europa
Summary: An explosive introduction to Europa's potential for life.

Recreating Europa's Crust
Topic: Europa
Summary: Experiments in the laboratory have confirmed that water, salts and gases dissolved in Europa's ocean could rise to the surface and create geological features on the moon's surface.

Hubble Sees Evidence of Water Vapor at Jupiter Moon
Topic: Europa
Summary: NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has observed water vapor above the frigid south polar region of Jupiter's moon Europa, providing the first strong evidence of water plumes erupting off the moon's surface.

Clay-Like Minerals Found on Icy Crust of Europa
Topic: Europa
Summary: A new analysis of data from the Galileo mission has identified clay-type minerals at the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Current Events on Europa
Topic: Europa
Summary: A new study shows how the rise and fall of Europa's ice may bring evidence of life to the surface.

The Abominable Snow Aliens of Europa
Topic: Europa
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine is proud to launch a new comic strip, "The Abominable Snow Aliens of Europa."

Off-Kilter Europa
Topic: Europa
Summary: By carefully studying the cracked surface of Europa, scientists have determined that the moon once spun around a tilted axis.

Is Europa Habitable?
Topic: Europa
Summary: A new study outlines potential science goals for a robotic mission to the surface of Europa. A Europa lander could study the composition and geology of the moon's icy shell and the potential for life in its subsurface ocean.

The Best Windows into Europa's Interior
Topic: Europa
Summary: A new analysis of data from NASA's Galileo mission is helping astrobiologists identify regions on the surface of Europa covered with material churned up from inside the moon. Studying this material could yield information about Europa's subsurface ocean and it's potential as a habitat for life.

Mapping the Chemistry Needed for Life on Europa
Topic: Europa
Summary: A new study shows that hydrogen peroxide is present over much of the surface of Europa. If hydrogen peroxide mixes through the icy surface and into the water ocean below, it might be an important energy source for life.

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