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Europa´s Churn Leads to Oxygen Burn
Topic: Europa
Summary: Jupiter´s moon Europa has a salty ocean, and scientists have long wondered if life could be found there. One scientist says Europa also has enough oxygen to support an ocean teeming with life.

Dual Drill Designed for Europa´s Ice
Topic: Europa
Summary: NASA and the European Space Agency are sending a mission to study Jupiter and its moon Europa in 2020. There may be life in the moon´s ocean, but to find out a mission will have to be able to drill down through the overlying ice shell.

Europa on Earth
Topic: Europa
Summary: Cracks in the icy shell of Jupiter´s moon Europa contain sulfur-rich material. An expedition to a sulfur spring in the Arctic could help solve some mysteries about Europa – including its potential for life.

Astrobiology Top 10: Europa First
Topic: Europa
Summary: AM is highlighting the top 10 astrobiology stories of 2009. At number 2 is the announcement of the next mission to the outer solar system: Jupiter´s icy moon Europa. Astrobiologists hope to investigate the ocean of Europa for evidence of alien life. (Originally was published on February 20, 2009).

Europa Has Enough Oxygen For Life
Topic: Europa
Summary: New research suggests that there is plenty of oxygen available in the subsurface ocean of Europa to support oxygen-based metabolic processes for life similar to that on Earth. In fact, there may be enough oxygen to support complex, animal-like organisms with greater oxygen demands than microorganisms.

Europa Possui Suficiente Oxigênio Para a Vida
Topic: Europa
Summary: Nova pesquisa sugere que há bastante oxigênio disponível no oceano sub-superficial de Europa para sustentar processos metabólicos baseados em oxigênio para vida similar à da Terra. De fato, pode haver oxigênio suficiente para sustentar organismos complexos como animais com demandas de oxigênio bem maiores que microrganismos.

Europa First
Topic: Europa
Summary: NASA and ESA officials have decided to pursue a mission to Jupiter and its four largest moons. These moons are important locations of interest for astrobiologists. Europa in particular, with its cache of subsurface water, is thought to be one of the most likely places for life in our solar system.

Waves Crash on Europa
Topic: Europa
Summary: New studies indicate that Europa may harbor a more dynamic ocean than previously believed beneath its icy exterior. The gravitational pull of Jupiter could be producing powerful waves in the ocean, which in turn could have implications on the habitability of the unique moon.

Unmasking Europa
Topic: Europa
Summary: We may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but hopefully we can judge a moon by its surface. A scientist who worked on the Galileo mission has written a new book about the scratched and splotchy surface of Europa.

Exploring Europa on Earth
Topic: Europa
Summary: An ocean lies beneath the icy crust of Jupiter´s giant moon Europa. At the bottom of that ocean, there could be hydrothermal vents that provide all of the ingredients needed to support life.

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