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Life Without Water?
Topic: Titan
Summary: On Saturn´s giant moon Titan, it is so cold that water is frozen as hard as granite. And yet there is a complete liquid cycle of methane and ethane. Scientists wonder whether there could also be life.

Titan's Painted Desert
Topic: Titan
Summary: Unique patterns in images of Titan's surface have puzzled scientists for years. Now, a 'volunteer researcher' has provided NASA with a unique interpretation of the data, showing how similar Titan may be to Earth.

Studying Titan´s Lakes on Earth
Topic: Titan
Summary: A new project aims to replicate the surface on the moon Titan in order to learn more about its hydrocarbon lakes. This study could also tell us about the chemistry that led to the origin of life on early Earth.

Saturn's Orbit Affects Titan's Seasons
Topic: Titan
Summary: Researchers have suggested that Saturn's orbit around the Sun may be responsible for the uneven distribution of methane and ethane lakes over the polar regions of the planet's moon, Titan. The process resulting from Saturn's orbit may be similar to 'astronomical forcing' of Earth's climate, which drives ice-age cycles.

Barbecue Moon
Topic: Titan
Summary: The latest findings concerning Titan indicate that the Saturnian moon could contain valuable in situ resources for future explorers, including fuels like propane. The discovery of propane could help scientists further understand the chemistry of Titan's atmosphere, and the potential for life's building blocks to form on the distant moon.

Weather Report for Titan
Topic: Titan
Summary: New evidence suggests that the parched, dry deserts of Saturn's moon, Titan, can support large-scale storms. Significant cloud formation has been witnessed over Titan's tropical zone near the moon's equator.

Earth, With a Frigid Twist
Topic: Titan
Summary: The surface of Saturn's moon Titan has many features that appear similar to Earth, such as lakes, weather and mountains. Scientists even wonder if Titan could harbor a prebiotic chemistry that is similar to the early Earth when life first arose.

Exotic Life Could Sprout From Chemistry on Titan
Topic: Titan
Summary: A new study has found that hydrocarbon lakes on Titan could be good hosts for a certain type of chemistry that could lead to life.

Titan's Clouds Linger Longer
Topic: Titan
Summary: Clouds on Saturn's moon Titan form and move much like those on Earth, only much slower. Contrary to what was expected, scientists have found that Titan's clouds don't move with the seasons. Studying Titan's weather is allowing astrobiologists to draw some unique comparisons between the tiny moon and our home planet.

Titan's Topsy-Turvy Topography
Topic: Titan
Summary: Researchers are making surprising new discoveries about Saturn´s moon, Titan. The discoveries include the detection of a potential subterranean ocean of hydrocarbons and unique observations of Titan´s topsy-turvy topography.

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