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Capturing Hydrocarbon Rain
Topic: Titan
Summary: NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured new images of liquid hydrocarbon lakes on Titan. More importantly, the images show changes in the lakes potentially caused by rainfall. Titan is the first world apart from Earth where bodies of liquid have been identified at the surface.

Astrobiology Top 10: Titan's Ethane Lake
Topic: Titan
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine is looking back over 2008, highlighting the top 10 astrobiology stories of the year. At number 5 is the confirmation that Saturn´s moon Titan has lakes. This makes Titan the only world in our solar system other than Earth to have liquid on its surface – although on Titan the lakes are made of hydrocarbons rather than water. (This story originally was published on August 03, 2008).

Titan Triple Threat
Topic: Titan
Summary: The Cassini-Huygens mission has given us our best view yet of Titan, but this moon of Saturn still remains shrouded in mystery. A proposed future mission takes a three-tiered approach – using an orbiting spacecraft, a surface probe, and a hot air balloon -- to further explore the enigmatic moon.

Titan is Electric
Topic: Titan
Summary: Scientists have determined that Saturn's moon Titan could have electrical storms occurring in its atmosphere. Such storms might provide energy for the formation of important organic and pre-biotic molecules.

The Stuff of Life on Titan
Topic: Titan
Summary: Reactions between organic compounds in Titan´s atmosphere and water on the surface may create complex molecules similar to those on the early Earth.

Titan's Ethane Lake
Topic: Titan
Summary: Scientists confirm that at least one body in our solar system, other than Earth, has a lake of liquid on its surface. Saturn's moon Titan is truly wet – with liquid ethane, methane and other hydrocarbons.

Titan's Hidden Ocean
Topic: Titan
Summary: NASA's Cassini Spacecraft has found evidence that Saturn's moon Titan may harbor an underground ocean of water and ammonia. It is an important finding for astrobiologists who are searching for potential habitats for life in our Solar System.

Titan Oil Reserves
Topic: Titan
Summary: Scientists have determined that Saturn's moon Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves of Earth. Studying the hydrocarbons of Titan could provide a better understanding of the origins of life in the Universe.

Titan's Great Lakes
Topic: Titan
Summary: Newly assembled radar images provide the best view yet of hydrocarbon lakes and seas at Titan's north pole. Other images reveal lakes at the moon's south pole. Scientists are hoping that by studying Titan's unique environment they will gain insights into processes on the early Earth.

Misty Mornings in Xanadu
Topic: Titan
Summary: Astronomers have directly observed rain on Titan for the first time. Using near-infrared images, they've shown persistent morning drizzle over Titan's major continent, Xanadu.

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