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Tropical Titan
Topic: Titan
Summary: Scientists are drawing unique comparisons between the climate of Saturn's moon Titan and the Earth. Titan has some of the same circulation processes that happen on Earth, only they occur with completely different substances and at much colder temperatures.

Building Titan
Topic: Titan
Summary: The Huygens probe landed on Titan two and a half years ago, but the data it collected is still yielding new scientific insights about Saturn's largest moon.

Making Tholins
Topic: Titan
Summary: Scientists have found that organic aerosols, or tholins, in the atmosphere of Titan form differently than previously thought.

Seeing Titan's Seas
Topic: Titan
Summary: Instruments on NASA's Cassini spacecraft have found evidence for seas, likely filled with liquid methane or ethane, in the high northern latitudes of Saturn's moon Titan.

Earth's Hazy Past
Topic: Titan
Summary: Recent experiments suggest that early Earth may have been covered by a haze similar to Titan.

Titan's Winter Storm
Topic: Titan
Summary: Cassini has returned an image of a massive cloud made up of organics like methane and ethane on Saturn's moon Titan. The cloud may be responsible for material that fills the lakes discovered on Titan last year.

Starlight Meteorology
Topic: Titan
Summary: Observations of Saturn's moon Titan from earth-based telescopes played a vital role in the successful decent of the Huygens probe through Titan's thick atmosphere in January of 2005. Two years later, these are continuing to inform scientists about one of the most unique destinations in the Solar System.

Huygens's Second Landing Anniversary
Topic: Titan
Summary: Two years ago, scientists accomplished an amazing feat when the Huygens probe descended through the thick atmosphere of Titan to reveal the moon's unique surface. Today the mission continues to teach us many fascinating things about a world that may, in some ways, resemble the early Earth.

Titan's Liquid Lakes
Topic: Titan
Summary: Cassini scientists think there are liquid-filled lakes on Titan. Rather than water, these lakes on Saturn's largest moon are made of liquid methane. These lakes are the strongest evidence yet that Titan's surface and atmosphere have an active hydrological cycle.

Astrobiology Top 10: Getting to Know Titan
Topic: Titan
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine is looking back over 2006, highlighting the Top 10 astrobiology stories of the year. At number 7 is the Cassini spacecraft´s continuing investigations of Saturn's moon Titan. Scientists knew Titan would be interesting, perhaps containing organic compounds that are the building blocks of life.

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