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The Incredibly Shrinking Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Cliffs in the lunar crust indicate the Moon shrank globally in the geologically recent past and might still be shrinking today. Studying the Moon is important to astrobiologists because lunar history could yield clues about the history of our Solar System and, ultimately, the habitability of the Earth.

Greening the Moon and Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Future missions to the Moon or Mars could use plants as bio-harvesters to extract valuable elements from the alien soils.

The Moon Has More Water than the Great Lakes
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: New research from NASA-funded scientists indicates that the volume of water molecules locked inside the Moon´s interior could exceed the amount of water in the Great Lakes. Water on the Moon could be an important resource for future explorers beyond our planet.

Lost Reflector Found on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Physicists have pinpointed the location of a long lost light reflector left on the Moon by the Soviet Union nearly 40 years ago. The reflector could actually help today's scientists measure physical properties of the Moon and phenomena such as tidal distortion.

President's Plan to Send Humans to Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: In President Obama´s speech yesterday at the Kennedy Space Center, he outlined his vision for NASA´s future. In his plan, humans will venture beyond the Moon by 2025, and head to Mars by the mid-2030s.

The Multiplying Mystery of Moonwater
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Scientists once believed that the Moon was one of the driest places in the solar system. Now we know that water exists on the Moon in a variety of concentrations and geologic settings. This moonwater could be a vital resource for future missions.

Mars Mockup in Moscow
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: A crew of six will soon begin a simulated mission to Mars in a mockup that includes an interplanetary spaceship, Mars lander and martian landscape. The Mars500 project is a full-duration simulation and will help scientists plan for the future of human space exploration.

Russian Rover Found on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Using images taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the exact location of the Russian lunar rover, Lunokhod 2, has been identified on the Moon. The rover was the second of two unmanned Soviet rovers, and was lost on the Moon over 30 years ago.

The Shoulders of Giants
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: America´s ambition to explore space has not come without a human cost. The decisions being made today about our future in space depend on lessons learned from past tragedies.

More Money, and a New Path to the Stars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: The Obama Administration plans to cancel NASA´s Constellation program that was to take American astronauts back to the Moon. Instead, NASA will oversee a competition among commercial space developers to come up with the technology to reach the stars.

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