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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Astrobiologist Awarded
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Dr. Joshua Lederberg, a Nobel-winning microbiolgist whose advice helped create NASA's early biology programs, will receive the Medal of Freedom, the United States' highest civilian honor.

Why the Moon?
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: NASA on Monday unveiled the initial elements of the Global Exploration Strategy and a proposed U.S. lunar architecture, two critical tools for achieving the nation's vision of returning humans to the Moon.

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Astrobiology
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: You're an astrobiologist standing in the centre of a vast, empty expanse of rock and dust pockmarked with impact craters. In order to accomplish your task, you've packed an entire suitcase. The question is what did you bring?

(Your name) Can Go to Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: In 2007, The Planetary Society will send a DVD to Mars. The disk, which will be attached to the deck of the Phoenix lander, will include stories, essays, and art inspired by the Red Planet. People around the world can add their names to the disk, which might someday be read by future martian explorers.

How Safe is Travel to Mars?
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: A "worst-case" analysis shows that during a trip to and from Mars, astronauts would be exposed to levels of deadly radiation that are considered unacceptable by today´s standards. The danger arises from galactic cosmic radiation and the rare but dangerous storms of protons from the sun.

Look, Sir -- Droids!
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Arizona tourists thought they'd stumbled upon a science fiction movie set if they found themselves near the state's famed Meteor Crater. Though they didn't get a glimpse of R2D2 or C3PO, they did see robots, rovers and space-suited subjects with latest interplanetary gear trekking over some of the state's harshest topography.

Visual Confirmation of Moon SMARTs
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Through infrared observations with its newly installed infra-red mosaic camera WIRCam, the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope offered a stunning image of the crash of the European spacecraft Smart-1, a very bright flash on the low-contrast landscape lit by earthshine.

Smart-1 Smackdown
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: The European Space Agency's Smart-1 mission ended on September 3rd 2006, at 07:42 CEST (05:42 UT). Its final lunar resting place is located at 46.2º West longitude and 34.4º South latitude. Appropriately for such a successful mission, this area of the Moon is known as the 'Lake of Excellence'.

Traitorous T-Cells
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: During the Apollo moon missions, 15 out of 29 astronauts developed infections. Subsequent experiments aboard Skylab and several space shuttle missions confirmed that T-cells do not activate properly in microgravity.

A One-Two Particle Punch
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: It doesn't just matter how much radiation an astronaut is exposed to, time and the order in which charged particles strike human cells are important factors as well.

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