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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Sneezing in Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: When space shuttle Atlantis next rockets into space, it will take along three kinds of microbes so scientists can study how their genetic responses and their ability to cause disease change.

AMASEing Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: High in the Arctic, just below Earth's north polar ice cap, a collaboration of nearly two dozen biologists, geologists, and engineers have embarked on an expedition to Mars.

Linking the Earth to the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Apollo turned our distant moon into the very edge of the human frontier, and rocks collected during that mission helped reveal the moon's evolutionary history. In this essay, Bernard Foing describes current scientific research that continues to teach us about the history of the moon.

Would Our Bones Make it to Mars?
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Astronauts who travel in space are at risk for bone loss in much the same way that cancer patients who receive radiation therapy are, and both groups are more likely to develop fractures than the general population.

The Robotic Side of Aurora
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: As part of ESA's ambitious, long-term Aurora exploration programme, ExoMars will search for traces of life on Mars. The mission requires entirely new technologies for self-controlled robots, built-in autonomy and cutting-edge visual terrain sensors.

Aquanauts Train for Moon and Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: NASA will test concepts for future space exploration this month by sending three astronauts and an oceanographer on a mission to an underwater laboratory off the coast of Florida.

Gravity is Bone Glue?
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Researchers at the University of Minnesota have identified a way for astronauts to reduce their risk of developing kidney stones while in space.

SMART-1 Final Days
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: After sixteen months orbiting the Moon, ESA's lunar mission is preparing for the end of its scientific exploration. On 19 June, SMART-1 mission controllers initiated a 17-day series of manoeuvres aimed at positioning the spacecraft to enhance science data return as the mission winds down.

Space to Breathe
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: In this interview, Harrison Schmitt, the geologist who walked on the moon, talks about the far-reaching implications of developing lunar and martian settlements.

Revisiting the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Harrison Schmitt, the only geologist to have walked on the moon, discusses the past, present and future of space exploration in this interview.

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