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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Moon Radiation Findings May Reduce Health Risks to Astronauts
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) shows that lighter materials like plastics will provide effective shielding against radiation for astronauts during extended space travel.

A Taste of Mars: HI-SEAS Mission Now in its Final Days
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: HI-SEAS Commander Angelo Vermeulen talks about the lessons learned during the 120-day simulation of a human settlement on Mars.

Technology Could Curtail Astronaut Conflict
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: NASA plans to send the first humans to Mars sometime in the next quarter-century. Such a mission will push the boundaries of teamwork for the handful of astronauts selected, so scientists are developing devices aimed at monitoring astronauts to learn how cooperation fluctuates over the course of a mission.

Radiation Exposure on a Trip to Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: A new study using data from NASA's Mars Science Laboratory is helping mission planners understand how much radiation future human explorers will be exposed to during a journey to Mars.

Mojave Field Tests for Asteroid and Small Moon Exploration
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: Scientists have successfully completed field tests in the Mojave desert that will help inform mission planners for future human exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids and the moons of Mars. The team evaluated systems that could allow humans to live and work in low-gravity environments.

Water on Earth and Moon Came From the Same Source
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: A new study finds that water inside the Moon's mantle may have come from the same source that supplied most of the water on Earth. The findings provide new clues about the formation of the Moon the early history of planet Earth.

Farming on Mars: NASA Ponders Food for mid-2030s Manned Mission
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: The first humans to live on Mars might not identify as astronauts, but farmers. Growing food on Mars might be one of the most vital, challenging and labor-intensive tasks at hand, experts say. A report from the Humans 2 Mars conference in Washington D.C.

Lunar Minerals Survive Impact Shock
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: A new study indicates that impacts on the Moon may not wipe out mineralogical signature found in the pre-impact rocks.

GRAIL's Explosive Farewell
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: NASA's twin GRAIL spacecraft were intentionally crashed into a mountain near the Moon's north pole in Dec, 2012. The cloud of gas and dust it generated was observed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, providing new data about the Moon's composition.

Lunar Impacts Created Seas of Molten Rock
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: A new analysis of data shows that molten rock may have been present on the Moon more recently and for longer periods than previously thought. Differentiation — a settling out of rock layers as liquid rock cools — would require thousands of years and a fluid rock sea at least six miles deep.

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