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Painting Earth's Past Atmosphere
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists are learning new information about atmospheric pollution levels in Earth's past by studying famous paintings.

Breathing Life into the Ocean
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study challenges the notion that a well-oxygenated atmosphere must pre-date a well-oxygenated ocean.

Oldest Bit of Crust Firms Up Idea of a Cool Early Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: With the help of a tiny fragment of zircon extracted from a remote rock outcrop in Australia, the picture of how our planet became habitable to life about 4.4 billion years ago is coming into sharper focus.

How Did Early Earth Protect Itself Against The Cold?
Topic: Earth
Summary: Early Earth appears to have had some kind of cold shelter against the weak young Sun, but how exactly did the atmosphere protect the planet?

Discovering an Ancient Landmass
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists have discovered that land masses existed on the Earth 2.7 billion years ago.

Enormous Aquifer Found Under Greenland Ice Sheet
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists have mapped a large reservoir of liquid water beneath the snow and ice of Greenland.

Hacking the Planet?
Topic: Earth
Summary: A dozen papers on geoengineering have been released in a special issue of the journal Climatic Change.

Entombing Greenhouse Gases
Topic: Earth
Summary: By studying an abandoned mine, scientists are learning about how greenhouse gases could be permanently entombed in the Earth.

Acid Rain, Ozone Depletion & the Permian Extinction
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study shows that massive volcanic eruptions and acidic rain could have played a role in the Great Dying - the largest mass extinction yet known in Earth's history.

Amber Provides Insight into Evolution of Earth's Atmosphere
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists are gaining new insight into Earth's atmospheric composition over the past 220 million years by studying amber deposits from around the world.

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