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Why Is Earth So Dry?
Topic: Earth
Summary: The Earth has vast oceans and large glaciers near its poles, yet less than one percent of our planet's mass is locked up in water. A new analysis is helping astronomers understand why the Earth is comparatively dry.

In Memoriam: Heinrich (Dick) Holland (1927-2012)
Topic: Earth
Summary: The astrobiology community mourns the death of Dick Holland, treasured colleague and forefather of astrobiology.

The Evolution of Earth's Mercury
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study shows that the formation of most minerals containing mercury could be linked to episodes of supercontinent assembly over the last 3 billion years.

Using Soils to Predict Earth's Atmosphere
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study shows that soil plays an important role in controlling the Earth's atmospheric future. The results are shedding new light on how ecosystems respond to rising levels of carbon dioxide.

Delving Inside Earth from Space
Topic: Earth
Summary: From the vantage of the International Space Station, astronauts are conducting studies that are providing valuable data about the conditions deep inside Earth.

How the Ground Altered the Air
Topic: Earth
Summary: The ground beneath our feet may have more influence on the air than previously thought. A new study links the oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere to a sudden change in the inner workings of our planet.

Será a Terra um Organismo Vivo?
Topic: Earth
Summary: Uma nova descoberta pode ajudar a responder a questão, será o planeta Terra realmente um "organismo vivo" gigante? A pesquisa foca nas interações entre organismos oceânicos, a atmosfera e terra.

Is Earth a Living Organism?
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new discovery may help answer the question, is the planet Earth really a giant 'living organism.' The research focuses on interactions between ocean organisms, atmosphere and land.

The Flip-Flopping Atmosphere of Early Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: New research shows that Earth's atmosphere flipped between 'organic haze' and a 'haze-free' environment prior to the oxygenation of our planet. The study could help astrobiologists understand how our planet's climate and biosphere evolved over time.

Salty Soil Sucks Water Out of the Atmosphere
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study shows that salty soils in Antarctica suck moisture out of the atmosphere. If a similar process occurs on planets like Mars, it could have an impact on their potential habitability.

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