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Little Ice Age Caused by Volcanoes?
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study may help scientists understand the events that brought about Earth's "Little Ice Age."

First Direct Measurement of Earth's Rotation
Topic: Earth
Summary: A team of scientists has successfully plotted changes in the Earth's axis through laboratory measurements.

Early Earth May Have Been Prone to Deep Freezes
Topic: Earth
Summary: A circulation model of Earth's climate some 2.8 billion years ago indicates that the planet may have been more prone to catastrophic glaciation than previously believed.

Earth Flips Magnetic Poles All the Time
Topic: Earth
Summary: Earth's magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times throughout history. Based on geologic and fossil records, it seems that such a polarity reversal would have no dramatic effects for life on Earth.

Earth's Core Deprived of Oxygen
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists know that the liquid outer core of the Earth consists mostly of iron, but the other elements present remain unknown. New research shows that oxygen is not present in the outer core.

Supervolcanoes Not a 2012 Threat
Topic: Earth
Summary: Earth's geological record holds clues about supervolcano eruptions that may have had profound effects on the evolution of life. However, there is no evidence that such a supereruption is imminent.

A New 3D Map of Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: Measurements from NASA's Terra spacecraft have been used to improve the most complete digital topographic map of Earth.

Earth's Trapped Gas Fed the Early Atmosphere
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study demonstrates how salty water and gases transfer from the atmosphere into the Earth's interior. The research provides new insight into the evolution of our planet. Studying the physical processes of Earth can help astrobiologists understand what makes a planet habitable.

Diamonds Illuminate Earth's Deep Mantle
Topic: Earth
Summary: New research shows that oceanic crust can make its way right down to the lower mantle (deeper than 660km) and then be transported back to the surface.

Jupiter-Bound Probe Views the Earth and Moon
Topic: Earth
Summary: Now on its way to Jupiter, NASA's Juno spacecraft has taken time to capture images of Earth and the Moon.

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