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How Earth's Interior Affects the Climate
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study shows that activity beneath the Earth's surface could have been responsible for ancient sea level rise and global warming at the Earth's surface.

New Information about 'Snowball Earth' Period
Topic: Earth
Summary: New research might help explain how Earth sprung back after a period of extensive glaciation known as 'Snowball Earth.' The key may have been significant changes in the atmospheric conditions on the planet.

Mineral Diversity Clue to Early Earth Chemistry
Topic: Earth
Summary: New research on a mineral called molybdenite is helping scientists understand how geological and biological processes have helped shaped the chemistry of planet Earth.

Volcano Location Could Be Greenhouse-Icehouse Key
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study is shedding light on one of Earth's enduring climate mysteries. Earth has flipped between 'greenhouse' and 'icehouse' states for the past 500 million years. This process may have been driven by episodic flare-ups of volcanoes at key locations around the planet.

Oxygen to the Core
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new study shows that Earth's core formed in the presence of more oxidizing conditions than previously thought. The study is helping scientists understand the distribution of planet-forming materials in the early Solar System.

When Ice Melts, Volcanoes Spew Fire
Topic: Earth
Summary: Volcanic activity can cause short-term variations in climate. Now, new research shows that the reverse is also true.

Swansong Biospheres
Topic: Earth
Summary: Billions of years from now, life on Earth will be extinguished when the Sun becomes a Red Giant star. New research determines the last places life will exist before our planet is sterilized.

Why the World Didn't End Yesterday
Topic: Earth
Summary: NASA is so sure the world won't come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, they have already released this news item for the day after.

Dust: It Warms and it Cools
Topic: Earth
Summary: A new NASA study shows that dust rising above the world's deserts causes a more significant localized warming effect than previously thought.

Oxygen's Ups and Downs on Early Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists are challenging the idea that the oxygenation of the oceans and atmosphere of Earth occurred only in a positive direction starting 2.4 billion years ago. Their study shows evidence of a drop in oxygen after it first began to rise.

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