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Earthquake's Affect on Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: The magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan was the result of thrust faulting between the Pacific and North American plates. The shift of mass made the Earth's rotation speed up by 1.6 microseconds.

Chromium Provides Clues to Earth's Formation
Topic: Earth
Summary: By studying meteorites, scientists have discovered new information about how the Earth formed. Studying the early stages of planet formation can help astrobiologists determine how and where to search for habitable planets in the Universe.

Ice Data for All
Topic: Earth
Summary: Long-awaited data collected by ESA's CryoSat mission has now been released to the public. Early results are helping scientists understand circulation in the Arctic Ocean and the links between climate and arctic ice. The data will help astrobiologists understand what is in store for the future of life on Earth.

How Earth´s Orbital Shift Shaped the Sahara
Topic: Earth
Summary: A change in the Earth´s orbit, many scientists believe, transformed the "Green Sahara" into what is now the largest desert on the planet. While scientists are still trying to find out if the slow shift in orbit had rapid or gradual environmental consequences, they say Earth´s orbit will continue to change today and into the future.

A New Way to Analyze Ancient Atmospheres
Topic: Earth
Summary: Chemists have uncovered a chemical reaction that could allow scientists to study the ancient atmospheres of Earth and Mars. The technique could yield clues about past life on Earth - and the potential for past life on Mars.

Thawing a Planet-Sized Snowball
Topic: Earth
Summary: The Earth has plunged into a deep freeze several times in the past, with ice covering the land and sea for millions of years. Researchers are studying how the planet eventually escaped these cold spells, and whether Earth-like planets elsewhere in the galaxy may be susceptible to the same climate catastrophe.

A Late Birth for the Earth and Moon
Topic: Earth
Summary: The Earth and Moon may have been formed much later than previously believed. Understanding the history and formation of the Earth is important in determining the potential for habitable worlds around distant stars.

A Dark and Warm Early Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: Four billion years ago, the Sun radiated less energy than it does today. Scientists once believed that greenhouse gases must have helped the Earth stay warm during this time. However, new research shows that the large oceans may have simply absorbed more heat.

2012 Apocalypse
Topic: Earth
Summary: According to NASA scientist David Morrison, the widespread Internet rumor that the world will end in 2012 due to some astronomical event is a hoax. Dr. Morrison attributes the hype to 'cosmophobia' fueled by fake science websites and people trying to cash in on public lack of knowledge.

Apocalipse em 2012
Topic: Earth
Summary: De acordo com o cientista David Morrison da NASA, o rumor da internet amplamente difundido de que o mundo acabará em 2012 devido a algum evento astronômico é uma farsa. O Dr. Morrison atribui o engodo à "cosmofobia" abastecida por páginas virtuais de falsa ciência e pessoas tentando faturar com a falta de conhecimento do público.

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