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A Hazy View of Early Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: The atmosphere of the early Earth may have been filled with particulate haze, much like a smoggy day in Los Angeles. This hazy air would have affected the ancient climate and even may have influenced the origin and evolution of life.

A Carbonyl Sulphide Blanket
Topic: Earth
Summary: In the early days of the solar system, our Sun would not have been hot enough to keep the Earth from freezing. However, liquid water was present on the early Earth. Now, scientists believe that greenhouse gasses may have played a role in keeping Earth's oceans from freezing over completely.

Sedimentary Rocks Speak of Sulfur
Topic: Earth
Summary: Sedimentary rocks that are 2.4 billion years old may indicate that the early atmosphere of Earth was oxygen-rich. The strongest evidence for an oxygen-poor atmosphere on the early Earth has now been brought into question.

Shining Earth's Mirror
Topic: Earth
Summary: Scientists have shown that variations in earthshine – the reflection of light from the Earth's land masses and oceans – can be viewed on the dark side of the moon. The study may help astronomers search for habitable, earth-like planets around distant stars.

Sick Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: Geologists studying mass extinctions in Earth's history have determined that the majority of extinction events were due to climate change rather than asteroid impacts.

Space on Earth
Topic: Earth
Summary: In his book, "Space on Earth," microbiologist Charles Cockell urges space scientists and environmentalists to work together for the future for humanity.

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