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Hot Topic Origins Origin & Evolution of Life
The Ice Age Giants
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Scientists have discovered the fossil of a primitive woolly rhino in Tibet. The discovery suggests that some giant mammals first evolved there before the beginning of the Ice Age.

Fossil Could be the Oldest Human Ancestor
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Researchers have revealed new information about the brain, pelvis, hands and feet of a primitive homonin that existed around the same time as early Homo species.

Communicating on the Ocean Floor
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study shows that individual shrimp on the ocean floor may have their own, unique 'voice.'

Volcanic Pumice as Rafts of Life
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study shows that volcanic pumice may have played a significant role in the origins of life on Earth. Pumice has a unique set of properties that may have made it an ideal habitat for early organisms.

Coral and Algae Partner for Sun Protection
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Researchers have discovered how coral produces natural sunscreen compounds. The findings shed new light on how life can adapt to survive in varied environments.

A Fish that Leaps to Land
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A study detailing the social life of a unique, leaping fish may help scientists understand how the first animal life colonized the land.

Milestone in Mammal Evolution
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Scientists have discovered a new fossil that fills an important gap in the fossil record and sheds new light on the evolution of mammals.

New Candidate for Oldest Fossils
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Researchers have found what could be the oldest microbial fossils yet documented. The traces, discovered in 3.4-billion-year-old Australian rocks, might help to resolve the question of when cellular life arose, and how it produced energy.

Amino Acid Alphabet Soup
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: All life on Earth relies on a standard set of 20 amino acids to build the proteins that carry out life's essential actions. But did it have to be this way?

Galactic Graphene
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted graphene in space. If confirmed, it would be the first-ever cosmic detection of the unique, chicken-wire-like material. Graphene is composed of carbon and has many industrial applications on Earth. Studying carbon in space may also hold clues about how life on Earth developed.

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