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Hot Topic Origins Origin & Evolution of Life
Iron Both Hides and Preserves Fossils
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study shows how iron may help preserve ancient dinosaur tissue inside fossils. However, the iron could also make tissues difficult to detect.

No Peak in Sight for Evolution
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study shows that bacteria in a simple environment continue to improve their fitness through mutations - even after a quarter of a century.

The Oldest Signs of Life on Earth
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Scientists have found signs of microbial life in rocks 3.48 billion years old--possibly the oldest signs of life on Earth. These sedimentary structures may guide our search for life on Mars.

Study Provides Clues to the Origin of Biological Complexity
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study is helping scientists understand why multicellular organisms use single-cells (e.g. sperm and egg cells) to reproduce.

New Study Supports Clay as the Birthplace for Life
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: A new study supports theories that clay may have played a role in the origin of life on Earth.

Turbo Taxonomy and the Cyber-Centipede
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Researchers have developed a new method for classifying species that combines techniques like molecular biology, barcoding, computing and imaging.

Carpenter Bees Went Extinct When the Dinosaurs Did
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Scientists have found evidence of a wide-spread bee extinction that occurred at the same time that land dinosaurs and many flowering plants on Earth were wiped out.

The Origin of Skeletons
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Did our skeletons evolve for protection or for violence? A new study is changing our understanding of how bony tissue in humans evolved.

Oxygen Not the Cause of the Cambrian Explosion
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Advanced life on Earth is thought to be linked to the rise of oxygen in our planet's atmosphere. But 2.1 billion years ago, oxygen levels rose dramatically and advanced life did not evolve. Now astrobiologists are wondering why.

Extinct 'Mega Claw' Creature had Spider-like Brain
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Researchers have discovered the earliest known complete nervous system preserved in the fossilized remains of a never-before described creature from 520 million years ago.

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