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Hot Topic Solar System Venus
A Magnetic Surprise from Venus
Topic: Venus
Summary: Scientists have recently made surprising observations of Venus' magnetosphere. The study is highlighting some unique similarities between the planets Venus and Earth.

Solar Wind Explodes on Venus
Topic: Venus
Summary: Scientists have found evidence for a space weather effect - called a hot flow anomaly - on Venus.

Venus as ExoPlanet Example
Topic: Venus
Summary: The last transit of Venus this century will occur on 5-6 June, 2012. The event will provide astrobiologists with the opportunity to view Venus as an example of a transiting exoplanet.

Is Venus Shifting Gear?
Topic: Venus
Summary: New data from Venus Express shows that Venus spins slower than previous measurements indicated. The detailed measurements of Venus' spin are helping scientists determine whether or not the planet has a liquid core.

Venus has an Ozone Layer, Too
Topic: Venus
Summary: ESA's Venus Express has discovered an ozone layer on Venus. Comparing Venus' ozone layer to those on Earth and Mars will help astrobiologists refine the search for life on other planets. Comparing Venus to Earth can also help scientists better understand the principles of climate change on our own planet.

Venus Weather is Not Boring After All
Topic: Venus
Summary: A new study of old data collected by NASA and international scientists indicates that Venus' weather is less 'boring' than previously thought.

Venus Holds Warning for Earth
Topic: Venus
Summary: New information about a high-altitude layer of sulphur dioxide on Venus could be a warning against injecting Earth's atmosphere with sulphur droplets to mitigate climate change.

Venus Hot Outside, Cool Inside?
Topic: Venus
Summary: The heat in the atmosphere of Venus, induced from a strong greenhouse warming, might actually have a cooling effect on the planet´s interior. Studying planetary processes on Venus can provide important information about climate change on rocky planets, such as Earth. Climate change could have a profound effect on the future habitability of our planet.

Recreating Venus in the Lab
Topic: Venus
Summary: Scientists are reproducing the environment of Venus so that they can interpret observations of the planet's surface and atmosphere. Studying environmental processes on Venus can help astrobiologists better understand the climate systems of Earth and the habitability of rocky planets.

Was Venus Once a Habitable Planet?
Topic: Venus
Summary: The European Space Agency's Venus Express is helping planetary scientists investigate whether Venus once had oceans. If it did, it may even have begun its existence as a habitable planet similar to Earth.

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