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Hot Topic Solar System Jupiter
Hiding from Jupiter's Radiation
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: The intense radiation around Jupiter will complicate possible future missions to the moon Europa. A new project plans to create a "radiation weather map" that will help pinpoint regions where astrobiologically-relevant molecules may survive.

Studying a Giant Planet
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: Eight years from now, the Juno spacecraft will arrive at Jupiter, with instruments to study its atmosphere. Research goals for the mission include determining how the giant planet formed, how much water it contains, and how its powerful auroras compare to Earth´s Northern Lights.

Rings Made in the Shade
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: Scientists may have solved a long-standing mystery about anomalies in Jupiter's rings. The finding provides new information about the Jovian system and may yield clues about planetary formation.

Io's Salty Volcanoes
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active place known, and researchers are studying how gases from the moon escape and populate the space surrounding Jupiter. Io is providing insight into how the influence of Jupiter's gravity can heat the moon even though it's located far from the Sun.

Speeding by Jupiter
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is currently en route to Pluto, but when it passes by Jupiter this year, the craft will also perform observations of the solar system's largest planet as well Jupiter's four major moons.

Giant Jet Streams
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: Turbulence driven by sunlight and thunderstorm activity may explain the multiple east-west jet streams on Jupiter and Saturn and even produce strong winds extending hundreds or thousands of kilometers into the interior, far below the altitudes where the jets are driven.

Juno Mission to Jupiter
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: NASA has selected a Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) scientist to lead the next mission to Jupiter. The mission, named Juno, will be the first to perform an in-depth examination of the giant planet.

Jovian Lights
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: The Sun blows charged particles into the magnetic traps around major planets with atmospheres and create spectacular auroral displays. The dual observations of Jupiter by the Chandra and Hubble telescopes show that this giant planet also has the ability to generate its own aurora from rotation.

Jupiter: Big Ball of Tar?
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: What is inside the gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn? While one might expect that astronomers would know the answer to this question, the field remains an active area for speculation. A new theory claims the core of Jupiter may be made of carbon-rich tar.

Olympian Close-Ups
Topic: Jupiter
Summary: As the Cassini spacecraft flew by Jupiter on its way to Saturn and its moon, Titan, its camera caught the most detailed view of Jupiter yet. A mosaic of images stitched together showed the unusual cloud activity that make the gas giant such an unusual and massive planet beyond the asteroid belt.

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