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Hot Topic Solar System Saturn
Gravity Assist Bumper Cars
Topic: Saturn
Summary: New observations from the Cassini spacecraft now at Saturn indicate the particles comprising one of its most prominent rings are trapped in ever-changing clusters of debris that are regularly torn apart and reassembled by gravitational forces from the planet.

Cloudy Saturn
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Cassini scientists have discovered an unexpected menagerie of clouds lurking in the depths of Saturn's complicated atmosphere.

Saturn's Aurora
Topic: Saturn
Summary: New images of Saturn obtained by a University of Colorado at Boulder-led team on June 21 using an instrument on the Cassini spacecraft show auroral emissions at its poles similar to Earth's Northern Lights.

Charged Up Over Saturn
Topic: Saturn
Summary: The four-year Cassini mission orbiting Saturn has as one of its main tasks to study the strange magnetic fields around the ringed world. Scientists are already concluding that the Earth's magnetic field is boring compared to the odd happenings they are seeing today near Saturn.

Saturnian Oxygen, Without Life
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Oxygen along with water are considered interesting biosignatures to look for when encountering other planets. On Saturn, the oxygen story can be misleading, if one speculates that its presence gives biology a leg-up.

Dynamic Saturn Spawns Static
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Understanding the magnetic fields around Saturn represents one goal for the multiyear Cassini mission now orbiting the ringed world. How these fields are shaped by solar wind turns out to yield an aurora that shares many similarities to the Earth's familiar Northern Lights.

Saturn's Hot Southern Vortex
Topic: Saturn
Summary: NASA astronomers using the Keck I telescope in Hawaii are learning much more about a strange, thermal hot spot on the tip of Saturn's south pole.

Saturn's Immense Icy Cloud
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Ultraviolet images of Saturn's rings indicates much of the system is filled with ice, as well as atoms derived from water. A cloud of oxygen extends millions of miles outward from Saturn, which may hint at collisions between unseen icy moons.

Clash of the Titans
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Counting down the top ten astrobiology stories for 2004 highlights the accomplishments of those exploring Mars, Saturn, comets, and planets beyond Pluto. Number two in this countdown was the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and its Earth-like moon, Titan.

Viewing Saturn
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Viewing both the inner and outer planets with a telescope may promise some of the best views during January, particularly as the Saturn-Earth distance closes near the scheduled January 14th descent of the Huygens probe towards the surface of Titan.

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