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Hot Topic Solar System Saturn
Cassini to Continue
Topic: Saturn
Summary: NASA is extending the Cassini-Huygens mission by two years. The mission has provided exciting and unexpected findings from locations like Titan and Enceladus, and will now continue is important observations of Saturn and the planet's unique moons.

Studying Saturn's Ecology
Topic: Saturn
Summary: With data from Cassini, scientists are beginning to understand the interactions between Saturn´s many dynamic moons. The environment of Saturn´s moons is important in determining whether or not some of them could be abodes for life, and how transport of material between the moons affects the development of important organic molecules.

Iapetus Spun Fast, Froze Young
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Scientists have found that Saturn's moon Iapetus is a well-preserved relic from the early Solar System. Studying the moon could yield important clues about the history of the outer Solar System.

Hydrocarbon Hyperion
Topic: Saturn
Summary: NASA's Cassini spacecraft has revealed for the first time surface details of Saturn's moon Hyperion, including cup-like craters filled with hydrocarbons that may indicate more widespread presence in our solar system of basic chemicals necessary for life.

Saturn's Active Moons
Topic: Saturn
Summary: The Cassini spacecraft has found that Saturn's icy moons Tethys and Dione are flinging streams of particles into space. The findings suggest that these moons may be geologically active.

Hot Stuff on Saturn
Topic: Saturn
Summary: A recent study has changed our understanding of planetary atmospheres and may have implications for understanding the future of our own planet's climate. How Earth's environment changes over time is directly related to the evolution and survival of life on Earth.

Moonlet Wakes
Topic: Saturn
Summary: New observations of propeller-shaped disturbances in Saturn's A ring indicate the presence of four small, embedded moons -- and most likely millions more, Cornell University astronomers report.

Saturn's Fury
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Imagine an electrical storm larger than the continental United States in which the lightning bolts are more than 1,000 times stronger than conventional lightning, and you'll have a good idea of the lightning storm -- the strongest of its kind ever seen -- that University of Iowa space scientists and their colleagues currently are tracking at Saturn with the Cassini spacecraft.

Surfing Saturn's Gravity
Topic: Saturn
Summary: By watching a distant star as it passed behind Saturn's outer rings, Cornell University astronomers on NASA's Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn have found the most direct evidence to date of patterns, called gravitational wakes, within the planet's outer rings.

Ciclops' Double Vision
Topic: Saturn
Summary: Cassini performed back-to-back flybys of Saturn moons Tethys and Hyperion last weekend, coming closer than ever before to each of them.

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