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Don’t Forget F-type Stars in Search for Life
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Scientists searching for habitable planets beyond Earth shouldn't overlook F-type stars in favor of their more abundant, smaller and cooler cousins, researchers say.

Two Suns Could Make More Habitable Moons
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Close binary stars could host more habitable exomoons because of their calming effects on one another.

Could Alien Life Cope with a Hotter, Brighter Star?
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Life could be orbiting rare F-type stars, despite heavy blasts of ultraviolet radiation.

Dimer Molecules and the Hunt for Life
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Astronomers have developed a new method to study atmospheric pressure on exolpanets. The same technique could one day help identify biosignatures on alien worlds.

Thomas Pierson, 1950 – 2014
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Tom Pierson, who founded the SETI Institute and went on to become its Chief Executive Officer for most of the organization's first thirty years, died on February 20 of cancer.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: The Challenge of Comprehending E.T.'s IQ
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: A new study offers intriguing glimpses into how we might someday assess alien cognition and sentience by better comprehending non-human intelligences right here on Earth.

Astrobiology: The Search for Biosignatures in Our Solar System and Beyond
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: On December 4, the U.S. House Science Committee held a hearing on astrobiology and the search for signs of life in the Universe.

Habitable Planet Search Should be More Conservative
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: A new study indicates that astronomers may have to be more conservative when determining the habitable zones of planet-hosting stars.

Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Studies of the history of viruses on Earth can inform our understanding of the possibility for life elsewhere.

Signs of Life on Dying Planets
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: If life does exist anywhere else in the universe, it may only be fleeting. Now scientists are researching how signs of life might look on dying planets.

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