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Volcanoes on Alien Worlds
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Volcanoes display the awesome power of Nature like few other events. Now that astronomers are finding rocky worlds orbiting distant stars, they're asking the next logical questions: Do any of those worlds have volcanoes? And if so, could we detect them?

Planets Pulverized in Double-Star Systems
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: A new study using data from the Spitzer Space Telescope has shown that double-star systems may not be good places to search for life. A large amount of dust in three systems with close-orbiting stars could be the result of tremendous planetary collisions, indicating such systems may be too unstable for habitable planets.

Finding Frugal Aliens
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: For 50 years we've been scanning the skies for signals from intelligent aliens. Now, scientists are wondering if there is a better approach. A new theory is bringing economics into the fold with the search for 'cost-optimized' signals from alien civilizations.

Odds for Life Better in Photosynthesis Zones
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: By calculating where photosynthesis might be possible around the galaxy, scientists are developing a new way to figure out where Earth-like planets with life might be located.

Extreme Starlight Suppression
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Earth-like planets are familiar ground in science fiction, and in reality many scientists believe that our galaxy could be full of such worlds. However, habitable planets and moons are difficult to find because the light of their host stars is so bright in comparison. Now, scientists may have figured out a way to see through the starlight.

SETI Redux: Joining the Galactic Club
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: In this essay, David Schwartzman explains how we can communicate with intelligent aliens, finally making planet Earth a member of the Galactic Club.

Seeing the Closest Aliens Will Take Centuries
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: As telescopes become more advanced, we´ll be able to see more details about planets orbiting other stars – including indications that those planets have life. However, it would probably take many centuries before we could actually see the aliens.

The Eerie Silence
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Why have we not made contact with aliens after so many years searching the depths of space? The Eerie Silence, a new book by SETI researcher Paul Davies, provides a fresh and thoughtful look at this question.

How to Respond When E.T. Says Hello
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Scientists are studying the best ways to compose messages meant for alien eyes in case we ever do get the chance to communicate with extraterrestrials.

As Misteriosas Rochas Esféricas da Costa Rica
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Alguns pensam que as antigas rochas esféricas descobertas na Costa Rica são evidência de visita alienígena. Um antropólogo diz que embora a razão pela qual as grandes esferas foram criadas não é conhecida, elas têm mais em comum com olarias do que com espaçonaves.

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