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Life May Depend on Galaxy
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Intelligent life beyond Earth might not be as dim a hope as many scientists think, according to a new study challenging a widely held anti-ET argument.

Stars Choose the Life Around Them
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: New research shows that stars of varying ages could have profound consequences for the development of emerging life forms. Newly formed stars spin faster than midde-aged stars, generating strong magnetic fields and emitting more intense radiation. This could have a dramatic effect on any life developing is such systems.

Tidal Habitable Zone
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Astronomers searching for Earthlike planets often focus on the 'habitable zone' around stars – where the heat from the star is at the perfect level for liquid water to exist. New calculations indicate that planets close to their parent stars could experience tidal forces that limit the habitable zone and change the criteria habitable planets.

Eclipsing Earth
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Astronomers have captured a snapshot of Earth's chemical fingerprint by viewing light reflected back to Earth from the moon during a lunar eclipse. The information could be used to help identify habitable planets beyond our solar system.

The Search for Life in the Universe
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: The Space Telescope Science Institute recently held "The Search for Life in the Universe" symposium. Researchers in disciplines ranging from astronomy to astrobiology spoke about studies and space missions directed toward the search for life beyond Earth.

Looking for the Light of Life
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: With hundreds of extrasolar planets now discovered, one pressing question is how to tell if life resides on any of this galactic real estate. Researchers have found that a possible biosignature could come from life's preference for molecules of a particular handedness.

Procurando pela Luz da Vida
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Com centenas de planetas extra-solares recém descobertos, uma questão premente é como dizer se reside vida em alguma destas moradias galáticas. Pesquisadores descobriram que uma possível bio-assinatura poderia vir da quiralidade de moléculas preferível à vida.

Waving a Hand Across the Distance
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Scientists have developed an instrument for detecting polarized light after it reflects off of chiral molecules. Living organisms contain many chiral molecules, and the new technology could be useful in searching for life beyond our planet.

Counting on Contact
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: At the most recent NASA Astrobiology Science Conference, a panel of scientists discussed different types of planets where we might find alien life. In the final segment of this series, the panelists express their hopes about discovering evidence for aliens in our galaxy.

Topic: Alien Life
Summary: At the most recent NASA Astrobiology Science Conference, a panel of scientists discussed different types of planets where we might find alien life. In part six of this series, the panelists answer audience questions about the origin and evolution of life elsewhere.

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