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Hot Topic Deep Space Alien Life
Radio Free Earth
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: In Part Three in the series on stellar and terrestrial evolution, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium and host of the PBS/NOVA Series "Origins", discusses the limits of radio searches for extraterrestrial life.

Templating Ourselves
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: In Part Two in the series on stellar and terrestrial evolution, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium and host of the PBS/NOVA Series "Origins", discusses the human tendency of being self-centered, and how that can shape our reality and cloud our vision of the truth.

Listening for ET: Two Decades
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: The SETI Institute predicts that we'll detect an extraterrestrial transmission within twenty years. Within a year, the first thirty dishes of a huge telescope array will be operational, forming the basis of a giant ear that listens for intelligent beings in space.

De Ouvido nos ETs: Duas Décadas
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: SETI Institute (Instituto SETI) prevê que detectaremos transmissão extraterrestre dentro de vinte anos. Dentro de um ano, as primeiras trinta antenas de um enorme conjunto de telescópios estará operacional, formando a base de uma orelha gigante que procura por seres inteligentes no espaço.

Earthlings' Low Signal-to-Noise?
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Our most efficient attempts to broadcast our planet's existence to another civilization would resemble the thermal radiation emitted by stars. By analogy, more advanced worlds would likely do the same, making our chances of listening in hard to distinguish from hearing stellar noise.

Marketing to the Mothership
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: It is sometimes said that the best form of advertising is education. But what products would our global marketplace tolerate at the borders of an encounter with another, perhaps far different civilization? To get some perspective, an expert entertains the question of how to advertise our presence to a more universal demographic.

Headshake to SETI Headfake
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Did the famous screensaver, SETI@home, uncover the first strong evidence for an extraterrestrial signal? The SETI Institute's Seth Shostak discusses how hyperbole can misrepresent the last addition to a list of stellar candidates.

ET: Send Mail, Don't Phone
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: If an extraterrestrial civilization wanted to maximize its chances of being discovered by another civilization, the best bet may not ride on radio waves. Instead Rutgers engineers make the case for a 'message in a bottle' SETI strategy.

Eavesdropping on Olympus
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: As preparations near completion for the return of the Olympics Games to their ancestral home in Athens, the time is ripe to revisit whether the Olympics has been our diplomatic calling card in other places beyond the home planet.

Dr. Doolittle in the Doghouse
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Communicating with each other may seem difficult enough, given the eight thousand languages used today, but imagine talking to another species? A model for considering the question is an age-old one: do you think your dog understands what you're saying?

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