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Hot Topic Deep Space Alien Life
Skepticism With Wonder
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: The challenge to communicate both the breadth and depth of astrobiology is discussed by Carol Oliver, of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology.

James Cameron IV: The ET Challenge
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: In the fourth and final installment of Astrobiology Magazine's interview with Academy Award winning film-maker, James Cameron, he discusses the public reaction to a moment of 'contact' with another species from elsewhere in the universe.

Galactic Civilizations: Part V
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: This is the fifth and final part of a series of presentations given at a public forum sponsored by the NASA exobiology branch. The forum, held in Palo Alto, CA, on Tuesday, August 26, 2003, was entitled, "The Drake Equation Revisited."

As Civilizações Galácticas: Parte V
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Esta é a quinta e última parte da série de apresentações realizadas em um fórum público patrocinado pelo ramo de exobiologia da NASA. O fórum ministrado em Palo Alto, Califórina, na terça de 26 de agosto de 2003 foi intitulado "A Equação de Drake Revisitada".

The SETI Factor
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: What would an intelligent signal from another planet change about human destiny? This large question is the topic of a book, The SETI Factor, by Frank White, who also analyzes how to announce such an historic finding and whether it would unite or divide nations.

Mysteries of Wow
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: In August 1977, a sky survey conducted with Ohio State University's "Big Ear" radio telescope found what has become known as the 'Wow' signal. Registering an enormous signal strength, the shape of the signal had the characteristic rise and fall expected for its short 72 second lifetime.

Third Rocks from the Stars
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: What are the primary bioindicators for remote sensing of life on a far-away world? A report prepared for future space-borne telescopes that will seek to answer this question, also looks deeper into how to find and confirm these prospective water worlds.

Dyson's Long Shot
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, famous for his designs of grand energy collectors called Dyson's Sphere, has put down a public bet: life will first be discovered elsewhere not on a planet or moon, but someplace other than what we could recognize as terrestrial turf.

Cause for Optimism: Part III
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: The NASA exobiology branch sponsored a public forum in Palo Alto, CA, on Tuesday, August 26, 2003, entitled, "The Drake Equation Revisited." The forum addressed the questions of estimating the probabilities for finding intelligent life in the universe. This is the third in the series of presentations.

Causa para Otimismo: Parte III
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: O ramo de exobiologia da NASA patrocinou um fórum público em Palo Alto, Califórnia, EUA, na terça, 26 de agosto de 2003, intitulado "The Drake Equation Revisited" ("A Equação de Drake Revisitada"). O fórum apresentou as questões sobre a estimativa das probabilidades de se encontrar vida inteligente no Universo. Esta é a terceira na série de apresentações.

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