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Earth on the Rocks
Topic: Climate
Summary: There is a lot we don't yet understand about climate change, but humankind's influence on the Earth is becoming more and more apparent. Studying our effect will help us understand life's future on Earth.

Climate Change - it's in the Soil, it's in the Leaves
Topic: Climate
Summary: New studies on the carbon isotopes present in ancient plants and microorganism communities in modern soils are helping scientists improve climate change models. The studies are also providing new insight into the co-evolution of life and our planet.

Life Versus the Volcanoes
Topic: Climate
Summary: Volcanoes play a major role in Earth's climate, as evidenced by the recent eruption in Iceland. Some volcanic activity that isn't quite as visible, like the ocean's version of the La Brea Tarpits off the Santa Barbara coast, also has an effect on life.

Into the Deep
Topic: Climate
Summary: The oceans remain one of the least explored places on the planet, but new robotic technology could change that. Collecting accurate data concerning the oceans is essential in understanding how events resulting from climate change, such as glacial melt, will effect the future of our planet and biosphere.

Ask the Locals
Topic: Climate
Summary: Astrobiologists concerned with life's future on our planet are discovering that they have a lot to learn from local communities. Scientists are now looking to local people for knowledge about climate change and the methods we can use to ensure a healthy future for Earth's biosphere.

Building Blocks
Topic: Climate
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine's climate blog, the Hot Zone, discusses the ways in which life can impact the physical conditions of the Earth. A recent study shows that the health of a single microbial species in the Earth's oceans could eventually alter the ocean food chain - and possibly the Earth's biosphere as a whole.

Fuel to the Fire
Topic: Climate
Summary: Fires are a normal and healthy part of the natural cycle - yet the severity of duration of fire seasons seem to be on the rise. This could be due to a drier, warmer climate in some parts of the world resulting from changes in the global climate.

Fury of the Earth
Topic: Climate
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine's climate blog, The Hot Zone, discusses the interconnection of Earth's natural systems and how vulnerable this makes us to the forces of nature. From violent earthquakes to thinning glaciers, we are only beginning to understand how our biosphere, climate and planet interact.

Climate Coverage
Topic: Climate
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine's climate blog, The Hot Zone, features a recent essay by Jim Hansen of NASA GISS. In this essay, he describes his frustration with the media´s approach to the climate controversy.

Capping the Carbon Market
Topic: Climate
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine's climate blog, The Hot Zone, discusses a recent essay by Jim Hansen of NASA GISS. In this piece, Hansen discusses how current policies may result in a false interpretation of the true problems behind carbon emissions.

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