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Hot Topic Solar System Earth Climate
A Swift Drop into Deep Freeze
Topic: Climate
Summary: Scientists have discovered traces of fossilized plants and insects in an ice-free region of Antarctica. The finding is evidence of what Antarctica was like before an abrupt cooling of the Earth roughly 13.9 million years ago.

Greenhouse Earth
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research shows that 40 million years ago the Earth was experiencing warmer seas with little or no ice on the planet. The finding could help scientists understand the effects of climate change on Earth today.

Extinction Followed Eruption
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study indicates that undersea volcanic activity may have triggered an extinction event in the Earth's oceans. The extinction occurred 93 million years ago and is responsible for creating some of today's major oil reserves.

Signals from an Infant Earth
Topic: Climate
Summary: Precise dating of zircon crystals suggests that Earth may have been conducive to life even before an epic influx of asteroids pummeled our planet 4 billion years ago.

Epic Ebbs and Flows
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study shows that changes in sea levels and ocean sediments may be responsible for some of the greatest mass extinctions in history.The research sheds light on the connections between life and the environment of Earth.

Turning Earth Into Venus
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study finds that prolonged heating of a planet's atmosphere can shut down plate tectonics. The study could have important implications for our understanding of climates on terrestrial planets like Earth and Venus.

Oceans Gasping for Breath
Topic: Climate
Summary: During the Jurassic, global warming and severe environmental change led to the extinction of many species. One of the most intriguing effects was that the oceans became starved of oxygen.

Building a Super Greenhouse
Topic: Climate
Summary: Scientists have shown that biological productivity may have been responsible for super greenhouse episodes during the Cretaceous and Eocene. The finding provides important insights into the links between the biosphere and our planet's climate.

Viruses Keep Us Breathing
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research shows that viruses infecting microorganisms in Earth's oceans might ultimately be responsible for much of the oxygen produced on our planet. The study highlights important links between life and the global climate of Earth.

A Question of Climate
Topic: Climate
Summary: At its birth, our young planet was a ball of molten hot rock. How long did it take to cool down? The answer could indicate the conditions necessary for life to arise, and provide insight into the evolutionary history of life on Earth.

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