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Hot Topic Solar System Earth Climate
Pies in the Sky: A Solution to Global Warming?
Topic: Climate
Summary: If global warming sizzles out of control, could 16 trillion small disks deflect enough sunlight to cool the planet? Astronomer Roger Angel proposes to find out.

Snowball Melted
Topic: Climate
Summary: New evidence shows that periods of warmth may have occurred during a time in Earth's history when scientists had thought the entire globe was frozen over. The new findings have implications in our understanding of how life interacted with the changing planetary environment of Earth.

Plumbing in Antarctica
Topic: Climate
Summary: Scientists have discovered a new sub-glacial water system underneath the ice of Antarctica. The findings are causing scientists to rethink how sub-glacial lakes drain into the Southern Ocean.

Earth, She's Hot and Cold
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research concerning the transition of the Earth's climate 300 million years ago from an ice age to an ice-free planet has yielded new insights into the processes of climate change. The new findings will also tell us about how Earth's changing climate throughout history has affected the development of life on Earth.

When the Ocean Breathed Deep
Topic: Climate
Summary: Researchers have uncovered new data about how changes in the past environment of Earth may have encouraged the evolution of multicellular life.

Cyanobacteria Catch 22
Topic: Climate
Summary: Two and a half billion years ago, photosynthetic organisms started releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, changing the balance of gases on Earth. But researchers have long been puzzled as to how the organisms could make that oxygen without poisoning themselves. Now, two groups of researchers offer an explanation for this contradiction.

Sick Earth?
Topic: Climate
Summary: What caused the Permian-Triassic extinction, the largest mass extinction in Earth's history? The most likely explanation for the disappearance of up to 90 percent of species 250 million years ago, said David Bottjer of the University of Southern California, is that "the earth got sick."

Earth's Crazy Climate
Topic: Climate
Summary: Ancient rocks from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean suggest dramatic climate changes during the dinosaur-dominated Mesozoic Era, a time once thought to have been monotonously hot and humid.

Carbon Balance Killed the Dinos
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research into a missing link in climatology shows that the Earth was not overcome by a greenhouse period when dinosaurs dominated, but experienced rapid fluctuations in temperature and sea level change that resulted in a balance of the global carbon cycle. The study is being published in the March issue of Geology.

Earth's Circulatory System
Topic: Climate
Summary: New scientific findings are strengthening the case that the oceans and climate are linked in an intricate dance, and that rapid climate change may be related to how vigorously ocean currents move heat between low and high latitudes.

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