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Closing the Ozone Hole
Topic: Climate
Summary: In this interview, NASA atmospheric scientist Pawan Bhartia discusses what it was like to play a role an 'unparalleled environmental success story' - the discovery and stabilization of Earth's ozone hole.

The Contrasting Consequences of a Warmer Earth
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study based on studies of the geological and fossil record of Earth suggests that biodiversity generally increases as our planet warms.

Climate Mystery of the Deep
Topic: Climate
Summary: By studying ancient ice volume and deep-ocean temperatures, scientists have made a major breakthrough in understanding the Earth's climate.

Earth Absorbs Carbon Pollution
Topic: Climate
Summary: Despite sharp increases in carbon dioxide emissions by humans in recent decades that are warming the planet, Earth's vegetation and oceans continue to soak up about half.

Sea Chemistry and Climate Change
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study on ocean chemistry is shedding light on one potential cause of a cooling trend experienced on Earth in the past 45 million years.

Toxic Cyanobacteria and Global Warming
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research indicates that global warming may be leading to an increase in the amount of toxins produced by populations of cyanobacteria.

Ice Cores May Not Be Accurate Thermometers
Topic: Climate
Summary: Ice samples pulled from deep inside glaciers have long served as historical thermometers. However, a new study questions whether or not oxygen isotopes ratios in the ice cores can be interpreted as a signal of temperature.

The Greening of Antarctica
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study reveals that ancient Antarctica was much warmer and wetter than previously expected.

Tracking Carbon in the Arctic Ocean
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study is shedding new light on the Arctic Ocean's carbon cycle. The results could help us determine how ecosystems respond to rising global temperature.

A Surprising Source of Methane in the Arctic
Topic: Climate
Summary: The arctic region is home to large reservoirs of methane. As the Earth's climate warms, this potent greenhouse gas could be released into the atmosphere. Now, new research has uncovered a surprising new source of Arctic methane.

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