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Ancient and Future Rising Seas
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study that examines how ancient seas rose during an extremely warm period on Earth is helping scientists understand how climate change could affect the future of our oceans.

Earth's Clouds are Getting Lower
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study on cloud height has revealed a possible cooling mechanisms that may be in play in the Earth's climate.

Earth's Missing Energy
Topic: Climate
Summary: Using 10 years of data from atmospheric and oceanic data, scientists are providing new information about the energy balance of Earth.

Greenhouse Gases Delay the Next Ice Age
Topic: Climate
Summary: Research shows that greenhouse gases are disrupting Earth's glaciation. Heat trapped in the atmosphere could delay the next ice age by tens of thousands of years.

A World Awash in Nitrogen
Topic: Climate
Summary: Among the 'footprints' left on Earth's climate by humans is an over-abundance of available nitrogen. Scientists are now trying to determine how this disruption in the nitrogen balance will affect the future of life on Earth.

Climate Change May Bring Big Changes
Topic: Climate
Summary: According to a new NASA study, climate change will modify plant communities over almost half of the Earth's land surface.

Paleoclimate Points to Rapid Changes
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research into Earth's climate history suggests that there is the potential for rapid climate changes this century if global warming is not abated. Drastic changes could include multiple meters of sea level rise and significant ice sheet loss in Greenland and Antarctica.

Extinctions Caused by the Ice that Burns
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research shows that a major change in Earth's global climate 56 million years ago could have been caused by the release of massive amounts of carbon frozen under the seafloor.

The Public Debate on Climate Change
Topic: Climate
Summary: Even after years of scientific research that points to how human activity is causing climate change, pundits, policymakers and the general public are still debating the issue.

Mapping Greenhouse Gases From Pole to Pole
Topic: Climate
Summary: Three years of research flights from the Arctic to the Antarctic have produced an unprecedented portrait of greenhouse gases and particles in the atmosphere.

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