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Hot Topic Solar System Earth Climate
Wet and Dry
Topic: Climate
Summary: From extreme precipitation events to catastrophic droughts, the effects of climate change may be heralding in a new era of extreme weather. Scientists are trying to determine what the repercussions for the Earth's biosphere could be.

Zombie Invaders
Topic: Climate
Summary: The ability of organisms to adapt to our changing climate could cause profound changes to the biosphere. Some microbes might remain dormant in environments until conditions improve. Invasive species could move into new environments, potentially triggering a mass extinction.

How Severe Can the Climate Get?
Topic: Climate
Summary: New research shows that modern climate change could become worse than anything known in written history. Could we be facing megadroughts in the future?

Spotlight on Local Change
Topic: Climate
Summary: Astrobiology Magazine's climate blog, The Hot Zone, is focusing on the local effects of climate change in different places in the world. Changing climate trends are resulting in less snow in California's Sierra Nevada mountains and more heavy rain for the state of Queensland in Australia.

Arctic Changes and an Ancient Extinction
Topic: Climate
Summary: Scientists are studying an exceptional episode of ancient global warming that occurred around 56 million years ago. During the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, global sea surface temperatures increased by about 5°C. Studying this period could help scientists understand how modern climate change could effect life on Earth.

The Human Goldilocks Zone
Topic: Climate
Summary: Scientists have discovered that thousands of people lived on a treacherous chain of islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire as far back as at least 6000 B.C. The study is teaching scientists about the adaptability of humans, and could teach us about how our changing climate might affect our chances for survival in the future.

Earth's Hot Past a Glimpse Into the Future?
Topic: Climate
Summary: A new study indicates that temperatures may rise more than projected if society keeps emitting greenhouse gasses. The study is based on data concerning climate change during Earth's deep past.

Climate Change to the Core
Topic: Climate
Summary: Researchers have reached a milestone depth of 3,331 meters while drilling in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide. Drilling into the ice will allow scientists to investigate 100,000 years of Earth climate history.

The Culture of Climate Change
Topic: Climate
Summary: Scientists study the links between the Earth's climate and biosphere, but new studies show that climate could also be intimately linked to human culture. This relationship between climate and culture may be apparent throughout human history.

Studying Cycles: Chemistry and Climate
Topic: Climate
Summary: New studies have shown that scientists have underestimated the effect that two chemical compounds may have on Earth's climate. Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide can contribute to global warming and climate change, and might bring about a climate on Earth that life has never experienced before.

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