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Hot Topic Solar System Earth Geology
Diamonds in the Oldest Zircons are Lab Contaminants
Topic: Geology
Summary: New research finds that the 4.3 billion-year-old diamonds reported in two papers in 2007 and 2008 could actually be contaminants introduced into geological samples from Australia.

Which Ancient Minerals Helped Give Rise to Life?
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study challenges the idea that mineral species on Earth today are much the same as they were billions of years ago when life first arose on our planet.

The Birth of Earth's Continents
Topic: Geology
Summary: Scientists have proposed a new theory for how the contents of Earth formed as a by-product of mountain-building.

Methane's Secrets, From Diamonds to Neptune
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study is helping scientists better-understand the behavior of methane deep inside planetary interiors.

Billion-Year-Old Water Could Hold Clues to Life on Earth and Mars
Topic: Geology
Summary: Astrobiologists have discovered ancient pockets of water that have been isolated deep underground for billions of years. The water is trapped in rocks that are similar to rocks known to be on Mars, and it contains abundant chemicals known to support life.

Rethinking Early Atmospheric Oxygen
Topic: Geology
Summary: Scientists have provided new information about the relationship between oxygen in Earth's early atmosphere and the sulfur cycle. The study could shed light on how oxygen accumulated in Earth's atmosphere - an event that had profound implications for life on our planet.

How Rocky Planets Get Their Atmospheres
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study suggests that the way carbon moves from within a planet to the surface plays a big role in the evolution of a planet's atmosphere. If Mars released much of its carbon as methane, for example, it might have been warm enough to support liquid water.

Sending Unmanned Aircraft to Investigate Volcanoes
Topic: Geology
Summary: NASA researchers have deployed repurposed military UAVs to study a volcano. The technology could be effective for gathering data about volcanic ash and gases from otherwise inaccessible locations.

Congestion Underneath Earth's Crust
Topic: Geology
Summary: Earth scientists have determined why the movement of Earth's crust doesn't always happen smoothly.

Oxygen-Poor Ocean Challenged Evolution of Early Life
Topic: Geology
Summary: Scientists have uncovered new information about Earth's early oceans during a period of time that was critical to the evolution of complex life.

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