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Hot Topic Solar System Earth Geology
Boom Goes the Megavolcano
Topic: Geology
Summary: By studying locations as widespread as New Jersey and North Africa, a team of scientists has found a link between one of Earth's largest mass extinctions and gigantic volcanic eruptions. The study could hint at how sudden climate shifts could affect life's future on Earth.

Studying Ancient Earth's Geochemistry
Topic: Geology
Summary: New research shows that some of the tectonic processes driving volcanic activity today were occurring as early as 3.8 billion years ago. The study provides new insight about the early environment of Earth.

Mining Ancient Ores for Clues to Early Life
Topic: Geology
Summary: Sulfide ore deposits from a mine in Canada confirm that oxygen levels on Earth 2.7 billion years ago were extremely low, but they also indicate that microbes were actively feeding on sulfate in the planet's oceans.

Crashing Waves Reveal Earth's Interior
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new technique could help scientists study structures beneath the Earth's surface by measuring tiny seismic waves created by ocean waves as they crash against the shore.

Magnesium Oxide: From Earth to Super Earths
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study on the mineral magnesium oxide is helping scientists understand the nature of planetary interiors. The results could yield new insight into the evolution of rocky planets.

A 3.45-Million-Year-Old Diet
Topic: Geology
Summary: Researchers are providing new information about the ‘diet' of microorganisms on the early Earth. By studying 3.45-billion-year-old rocks, the team uncovered clues about ancient microbial metabolism.

Atomic Clocks Could Reveal Earth's Interior
Topic: Geology
Summary: A team of astrophysicists are hoping to use ultraprecise portable atomic clocks to study the Earth's true physical form and explore our planet's interior.

The Consequences of a Massive Volcanic Eruption
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study shows how a colossal volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago affected early humans and Earth's climate.

Forecasting Volcano Eruptions from Space
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study uses satellites to study how volcanoes are deformed prior to an eruption.

Fool's Gold Helps Regulate Oxygen
Topic: Geology
Summary: A new study suggests that sulfur plays a more significant role in regulating atmospheric oxygen than previously believed.

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