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A Strange Solar Flare Connection
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: When researchers found an unusual linkage between solar flares and the inner life of radioactive elements on Earth, it touched off a scientific detective investigation that could end up protecting the lives of space-walking astronauts and maybe rewriting some of the assumptions of physics.

The Collapse of the Thermosphere
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: "The thermosphere", the layer of Earth's atmosphere that meets space, recently collapsed and is now rebounding again...and we don't know why. The thermosphere is important because it shields us from the Sun's Extreme Ultraviolet Photons.

Water was Earth's Silver Lining from the Start
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: Water is essential for life as we know it, and some scientists believe that the water on Earth was delivered by comets after the planet's formation. Now, a new study of silver in meteorites and Earth rocks tells a different story.

Attack of the Killer Electrons
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: The European Cluster mission has provided new information about the energetic particles trapped in Earth's radiation belt. These dangerous electrons from solar storms can be harmful for satellites and astronauts in orbit. Understanding their properties will help make future missions more safe.

The Battle Between the Earth and Sun
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: Scientists have discovered that the Earth's magnetic field 3.5 billion years ago was only half as strong as it is today. This could have had profound implications for the evolution of the biosphere, which would have been bathed in higher levels of intense solar radiation.

Death Rays from Space
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: Life may have been significantly affected in the past by a cosmic ray blast, but researchers are still looking for the smoking gun.

Stellar Shrapnel Cuts Life Short
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: If a star located light-years away explodes, it could take out life on Earth. A group of researchers previously proposed that this might explain a mass extinction event millions of years ago. A follow-up project is now trying to beef up the case.

The Eye of Space Storms
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: NASA's THEMIS mission has been used to pinpoint the impact epicenter of an Earth-bound space storm, providing advance warning of its arrival. Storms such as this can dump large amounts of power into the Earth's atmosphere, causing beautiful auroras. However, space storms also have the potential to harm satellites and astronauts in orbit.

The Day the Sun Brought Darkness
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: Twenty years ago, astronomers witnessed a powerful explosion on the sun. Shortly after, radio signals on Earth were jammed, satellites tumbled out of control and the entire Quebec power grid went down. The event showcased the powerful and immediate affects that the sun can have on the planet Earth.

Earth's Leaky Atmosphere
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Summary: Using satellite observations, scientists have discovered why the Earth is constantly leaking oxygen into space. The finding provides insight into the mechanisms behind oxygen loss on our planet.

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