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How Iapetus Got its Ridge
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Scientists have a new theory about how the strange ridge belting Saturn's outermost moon, Iapetus, formed. Understanding the Saturn system is important for astrobiologists trying to determine whether or not habitable environments could persist on the moons of giant planets.

Rhea's Oxygen Atmosphere
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: The Cassini-Huygens mission has captured the first direct evidence of an oxygen atmosphere on a world other than Earth. The tenuous atmosphere exists around Saturn´s moon Rhea.

Saturn Propellers Reflect Solar System Origins
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Scientists have identified a new class of moons in the rings of Saturn. It is the first time that scientists have been able to track the orbits of individual objects in a debris disk. The research is revealing clues about disks around other stars in our universe that are too far away to observe directly.

Pac-Man, the Space Invader
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured a temperature map of Saturn's icy moon Mimas that shows unexpected hot regions. Studying moons like Mimas can improve knowledge of the Saturn system's environment, and could help astrobiologists determine if habitats for life might exist on moons around giant planets.

Saturn's Active Moons
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Other than Saturn's moon Enceladus, there are just a few active moons in the solar system - including Neptune's Triton and Jupiter's Io. Some scientists believe that Saturn holds more.

Cassini to Continue to 2017
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: The international Cassini-Huygens mission to explore Saturn and its moons has been extended to 2017. With the new mission extension, Cassini can continue to gather valuable data about the Saturn system.

Investigating Iapetus
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Two new studies have shed some light on a centuries-old mystery surrounding Saturn's moon Iapetus. The studies also provide new information about the Saturn system and how the moons and rings of the giant planet interact. This is important in determining the potential for habitable environments on moons around giant planets.

Saturn's Supersized Ring
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Astronomers have discovered an enormous ring around Saturn that may be linked to the moon, Phoebe. The finding highlights connections between the moons and rings of Saturn. The research could help in determining how the Saturn system was formed and, ultimately, the habitability of moons orbiting the giant planet.

Spying Spokes
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Delighted scientists on the Cassini imaging team will be breaking out the champagne in celebration of the first Cassini sighting of spokes, the ghostly radial markings discovered in Saturn's rings by NASA's Voyager spacecraft 25 years ago.

Mysterious Enceladus
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Evidence is mounting that the atmosphere of Enceladus, first detected by the Cassini Magnetometer instrument, is the result of venting from ground fractures close to the moon's south pole. New findings from the close flyby of Enceladus by Cassini this past July add to the emerging picture of a small icy body, unusual in its past and present level of activity.

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