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Saturn's Rainbow Rings
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Images showing the hot and cold parts of Saturn's rings feature a false-color temperature map of this icy debris field. The red to blue rainbow represents the most accurate picture of hot to cold regions.

Saturn Yields Two New Moons
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: To add to its system of 31 moons, Saturn may have many smaller moons only visible with the sharp vision of the Cassini spacecraft. Two candidate moons have been identified that are likely captured comets.

Tiny Moon is No Space Station
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Cassini's tour of Saturn's remarkable system of 31 moons has taken the probe past one of the ringed planet's natural wonders: Mimas. The 250 mile wide satellite suffered a catastrophic impact that opened a wound one third of its diameter and nearly split the moon in half.

Iapetus as Sybill Moon
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: A first glance at Iapetus, one of Saturn's most unusual moons, reveals what seems to be a half-moon. But in this case, the dark and light boundary is not defined by shadows but instead is real: half the moon is made of deep black material and the other half is intensely bright.

Saturn's Line of Sight
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: After a weeklong transit when the Sun blocked much transmission from Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft has sent back closeup views of the south pole and four of the moons in bright sunlight.

Moons Sublime to Saturn's Magnetosphere
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: The magnetic field that wraps around Saturn is full of particles captured from the planet's icy moons. Since this magnetic trap is populated mainly with hydrogen and oxygen, the likely source is Saturn's icy satellites and not the giant moon, Titan, which is compositionally dominated by nitrogen.

Weather May Disrupt Receipt of Cassini Signals
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Everything looks good for Cassini to perform a successful maneuver that will bring it into orbit around Saturn late tonight. Everything, that is, except the weather. High winds in Canberra, Australia, and a chance of rain in Spain, although they won´t affect the success of the actual maneuver.

Cassini Sails Flawlessly into Saturn's Orbit
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft performed a flawless 96-minute engine burn Wednesday night and sailed into orbit around Saturn. During the next four years, Cassini will circle Saturn more than 75 times, conducting a detailed study of the planet and its moons and rings.

Cassini Saturn Orbit Insertion Timeline
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Over the next few days, if Cassini spacecraft achieves its next critical milestone, Saturn will capture it for at least a four-year mission. But if it doesn't succeed, the spacecraft flies past Saturn towards deep space.

Cassini Closes In on Saturn
Topic: Saturn system
Summary: Cassini is poised to provide the most comprehensive set of images and other scientific data ever collected on the giant ringed planet Saturn.

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