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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
World's Most Extreme Deep Sea Vents
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have revealed details about the life that inhabits one of the world's most extreme deep-sea volcanic vents.

Magnetic Microbes in Death Valley
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have discovered a new type of magnetic bacteria in one of the Earth's harshest environments. The organism could have numerous applications in biotech and nanotechnologies.

Lava Tube Microbes Live in Mars-Like Conditions
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Researchers have discovered microbes that thrive in an environment that is, in some ways, "Mars-like." The microorganisms were found within a lava tube, and tolerate temperatures near freezing, low levels of oxygen, and absence of organic food.

Studying Biology's Dark Matter
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: New techniques are helping scientists shed light on the 'biological dark matter' of Earth.

Strange Vent Fellows
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have observed two species of marine life that have never been seen together at a hydrothermal vent â€" chemosynthetic shrimp and tubeworms. The finding sheds new light on the ecosystems surrounding these unique habitats deep below the surface of Earth's oceans.

Hunting For Worms From Hell
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Worms found miles underground in South African mines surprised scientists, because they never thought complex life could reside at such depths. These "worms from Hell" add to our understanding of life on Earth, and make us rethink assumptions about how complex life could be on Mars or other planets.

A High Temperature Fungi
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: A fungus that lives in high temperatures could help us understand structures within our own cells.

Islands of Life, Part V
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest place in the world, and an environment that resembles Mars in the ancient past. In his final report, Henry Bortman is brought up to speed on six years of extremophile research by expedition leader Jacek Wierzchos.

Islands of Life, Part IV
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest place in the world, and an environment that resembles Mars in the ancient past. In this fourth report, Field Research Editor Henry Bortman describes the work of two young researchers, Sergio Valea and Petr Vitek.

Record-Breaking, Heat-Tolerant Enzyme
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have discovered a microbe living in the extreme environment of a Nevada hot spring that is able to break down cellulose at temperatures near the boiling point of water.

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