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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
Protein Metal Jacket
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: A new study may completely change our understanding of one of Earth's most radiation-resistant organisms, the bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans. The findings may have implications in protecting cancer patients from the harmful effects of radiation therapy, to ensuring the safety of astronauts on space missions.

The Ancient Past, Alive
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Cuatro Cienegas, a butterfly-shaped valley in Mexico┬┤s Chihuahua desert, is a living laboratory for astrobiologists. By studying this unique and endangered ecosystem, they hope to learn more about the earliest life on Earth.

Acid-Washed Pink Genes
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Pink slime at the surface of water trickling through an old mine in California is proving to be a treasure for researchers in their quest to learn more about how bacterial communities exist in nature.

Good Vibrations
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: New recordings of the sounds produced by hydrothermal vents at the ocean floor may provide insight into these unique environments and the organisms they support.

Pumping Ions
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Researchers studying the cholera pathogen have shed new light on how bacteria generate the energy they need to live. The findings could help scientists understand how bacteria are able to find energy to survive in some of the harshest environments known.

Shotgun Sequencing Slime
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have identified tiny nanoorganisms, which are virtually impossible to see beneath the microscope, in a Californian mine. The discovery may have important implications in the search for life on other planets.

Diversity in the Air
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have identified an astonishing diversity of microbes living in the air we breathe, expanding our knowledge of the environments in which Earth's most prolific organisms can grow and survive.

Strange and Alien Forms
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: The panelists discuss questions such as whether viruses are alive, and if there could be life on Saturn´s moon Titan.

Debating Life´s Boundaries
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: The panelists toss around the question of how to define 'life,' and wonder if we should even bother with definitions at all.

The Basic Rules of the Universe
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Pascale Ehrenfreund peeks into the heart of the universe to find clues for life elsewhere.

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