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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
Coldest-Growing Bacteria Discovered
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Astrobiologists studying microbes living in the extreme cold of an arctic island have made a discovery that may yield clues about the potential for life on Mars. They have identified a bacterium that thrives at -15ºC, the coldest temperature ever reported for bacterial growth.

How Microbes Survive at the Bare Minimum
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: A new study shows that microscopic archaea are capable of eating tiny bits of protein. The finding provides new insight into the minimum conditions required for life to survive.

Deep Ocean Trenches are Microbial Hot Spots
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have announced scientific results from an expedition to one of the most inaccessible places on Earth. The team found that a highly active community of bacteria survives in sediment at the bottom of the Mariana Trench - nearly 11 km below sea level.

'Bizarre Bacteria' in Lake Vostok Study Likely a Contaminant
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Last week, reports began to emerge that scientists had discovered a previously unknown bacteria in samples from Antarctica's Lake Vostok. Word quickly spread throughout the blogosphere, but the bacteria in question is likely just a contaminant.

Thriving in Battery Acid and Toxic Metals
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists are trying to understand how a single-celled alga can thrive in different extreme environments using multiple strategies to survive. The organism uses photosynthesis when living in the hot springs of Yellowstone, but feeds on bacteria when inhabiting dark, caustic mineshaft drainage.

Vibrant Mix of Sea Life at Extreme Depths
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: The first results from a record-setting expedition into the world's deepest points, including the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, has revealed previously unexplored ecosystems in the cold, dark, and highly pressurized depths.

Dodging the Extinction Bullet
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Biologists have found that the mutation that helps an organism survive in the harshest environment is often dependent on a "relay team" of other mutations that came before, mutations that emerge only as conditions worsen at gradual and moderate rates.

Searching for Life Where the Sun Don’t Shine (part 6) Explorations to the Seafloors of Earth and Europa
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: The thought that alien fishes, sharks and squids could be chasing each other in the pitch black waters of Jupiter's moon Europa has astrobiologists like Steve Vance itching to get a good look below the ice.

Life Under the Lake Ice
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: Scientists have identified microbial life in a lake trapped under the frozen ice sheet of Antarctica. For their discovery, the team drilled through 800 meters of ice covering Lake Whillans to collect samples.

Microbes Survive a Mixed Bag of Mars ‘Biocidals’
Topic: Extreme Life
Summary: For the first time, scientists find that microbes from Earth can survive and grow even in the mix of drastically low pressure, freezing temperatures and oxygen-starved conditions seen on Mars.

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